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In addition, insiders suggest that the following points need special attention when carrying out fabric decoration:

proper fabric decoration can add color to the home, and random stacking will backfire. The choice of fabric accessories is mainly the choice of color, texture and pattern. When choosing colors, we should combine the colors of furniture to determine a main tone, so that the overall color and aesthetic feeling of the room are coordinated. The choice of fabric texture should also be unified with the function of cloth jewelry. For example, gorgeous and beautiful fabrics can be selected for decorating the living room, smooth and soft fabrics should be selected for decorating the bedroom, and strong and easy to wash fabrics can be selected for decorating the kitchen... When selecting patterns, try to make the wall cloth and curtain patterns unified and coordinated, and consider the pattern effect after pleating for curtains. For hanging cloth decorations such as curtains, curtains and wall hangings, their area, vertical and horizontal dimensions, colors, patterns and styles should match the space and facade scale of the room, and also achieve a sense of balance visually. For example, larger windows should be decorated with curtains that are wide out of the window opening and close to the length or fall to the ground; In a small space, it is necessary to match with cloth with small patterns. Only in a large space can we choose cloth decorations with large patterns, so that there will be no imbalance. The cloth decorations such as carpets, tablecloths, bedspreads, etc. should be harmonious with the size of the indoor floor and furniture, and the stability of the floor and bed surface should be maintained. The ground is mostly in a darker color. The tablecloth and bedspread should reflect the contrast with the size and color of the ground, and should be in a lower color and lightness pattern than the ground to achieve harmony in the contrast. In the overall layout of the room, cloth decoration should also echo and coordinate with other decorations. Its color, style, implication and other forms of expression should be unified with the interior decoration style. The cloth decoration with heavy colors and complicated patterns has strong expressiveness, but it is difficult to match, which is suitable for the space with luxurious style; Light colored cloth decorations with bright colors or simple patterns can set off a modern space. In an interior with Chinese classical style, it is best to match it with Chinese objects





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