Bad luck Feng Shui to avoid during decoration

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1. The door post is bent or cracked with the door leaf

the door post is the four side pillars of the door, and the door leaf is the door itself. The door post or door leaf is a little bent or cracked, which means that the God of wealth doesn't come in, but the God of poverty comes in

2. There are too many mirrors in the family

mirrors are very cold and easy to attract evil in Feng Shui. If there are too many mirrors in the family, it will cause the husband and wife to consume money, which means that the husband and wife are very extravagant and flashy. If they buy a lot of things they don't want, their expenses will exceed their income, and the economy of the family may get worse and worse over time

3. The stove or cooker breaks

some people are too lazy to lose the stove or cooker when it breaks, but in Feng Shui, it will make you never turn over, and the God of wealth will not find you

4. The wall with tiles in the bedroom

tiles in the home, generally should be used in the toilet and kitchen, but in some bedrooms, he directly pastes tiles, which is also not good, because the tiles will fall off, which also means that the financial games at home are bad

5. The bed of the husband and wife is against the wall on three sides

some people probably save space and will make the bed against the wall on three sides, but such a decoration will make the sleeper feel imprisoned inside, and the bedroom represents the dark wealth position. The wealth position is imprisoned, of course, the finance and accounting can't get in

6. There is a river running through the residence

many rich people like to build houses on the river because they think such a design is very poetic, but in fact, in terms of Feng Shui, the residence is absolutely not suitable for running water, which will make this family lose money seriously

7. Putting flowers at the head of the bed is easy to make peach blossom

both husband and wife will have an affair, and over time, they will go their separate ways and their families will be broken

8. The bed is too close to the glass window

empty and helpless, so you can't be down-to-earth, which affects the development of your career. In modern metropolises, there are often buildings in front of, behind and beside the building, and the bedrooms are too close to the windows, so that the bedrooms cannot maintain their privacy well; In addition, as the city becomes more and more complex, annoying noise will pass through this not too thick glass window and affect your sleep; The saying "there are many dreams under the window" has also been fulfilled in my practice. According to previous Feng Shui books, lying in bed too close to the window can easily lead to "red apricots coming out of the wall", there is a saying

9. Bedroom furniture should not be used unevenly.

unevenness means disharmony, and living for a long time is easy to cause quarrels

10. The head of the bed is embedded with a mirror, which provokes ghosts

the owner often has headaches and insomnia. Romance should be based on principles and Feng Shui, but romance should not affect health. Many young people decorate their houses unconventionally. Everyone knows that everything is in order, and the contrary is implicated




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