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On the application of coding and marking

coding and marking technology has developed rapidly. The application scope of the new software has been expanded to be suitable for various label design and printing; There is also a breakthrough in the laser coding of thin films

no matter how tight the product's packaging is sealed, how accurate the filling is, how thorough the product's service life, transportation and design considerations are, as long as the product code cannot be read, all previous efforts will be wasted. Therefore, the ability to ensure the printing quality of packaging (especially the printing quality of bar code) is extremely important. Due to the strong promotion of retailers and driven by other links in the supply chain, the application of printing and pasting labels is expanding day by day. One supplier once mentioned that "traceability refers to the accurate tracking and recording of the time and place of product packaging, and its benefits have been recognized. In addition, there are frequent food hygiene and safety panic incidents, making the issues related to tracking product attributes the focus of the industry."

if the product batch control information is accurate and complete, then the product records can be successfully checked and the contaminated products can be isolated immediately without worrying about the threat to the safety of similar products in other batches. Mikecooper, executive director of Pago, the manufacturer of labeling equipment, said: "We are noticing that supermarkets are becoming more and more strict with real-time data, and more and more manufacturers are considering obtaining real-time production data through printing and pasting. Therefore, manufacturers tend to establish complete data management and networking systems.

code information is not only used by consumers, but also applied to the production management of real-time data in the whole factory, and the additional benefits generated can not be underestimated. Digital printing systems account for The proportion of new code devices is very large. Once in the system, the information can be shared by other devices on the network

as all these advantages are gradually recognized, users' demand for equipment operating on a range of substances and containers continues to increase

as for the cost, the automatic labeling system is replacing the pre printed label system because of its flexibility and reduced inventory costs. If the application scope of the printing system is further expanded, this system can save costs for suppliers in different regional markets that often change

design in one place

cooper added, "although reorganizing all the information is a headache, customers have found that when they do everything in one place, it will bring practical benefits." For example, why do designs in Spain use more 1mm wide foils than designs in Portugal? Such practice will increase the use cost and maintenance downtime of the equipment. The rationalization of text design and the centralization of all information on one label will save a lot of money

a user recently lost £ 30000 due to a failed tag. If the printing and pasting system is adopted, this kind of thing will not happen. "

in fact, map80 is considered to be the world's first label making software running under Windows2000. Prisym2000 also includes a number of new tools that allow universal processing of data related to label production and form the core of a £ 1.3 million project. The project is currently being undertaken by map80. Its customer is an international manufacturer with factories in 12 countries, sales outlets in 80 countries and 300000 products

for example, new label designs are usually required to be approved. The label approval authority may be located anywhere in the world, so it is very important to view the design tool in an effective and convenient way. Therefore, the standard version of prisym2000 can output the label design results as graphic files for computer reading

although it conforms to the standards of Microsoft applications, map80, as a unique label making program, has the characteristics of 'sent to...', so that label design can be carried out anywhere in the world through local area, Internet or intranet

variable warehouse

the new tool also includes a variable organization, which ensures that the creation, and use of variables are fast and convenient. Now there is a tool for establishing a common variable library, which can share variables in multiple label designs. A new type of color variable provides the ability to recognize color as a variable, such as temperature, quality control, warning information or other control elements for labels printed on color printers

prisym2000 continues to support OLE (object linking and embedding) automation, and controls the complete operation of Prisym programs through another windows application, such as VisualBasic or microsoftaccess. Now, with the addition of olecontainerblocks, other programs can be embedded into the label design as objects, such as "WordArt" or foreign language text files. Due to the use of active (valid) links, if objects such as files and folders, spreadsheets, etc. change, the label will automatically update these changes

connect encoder and labeling machine

cimcontrol is a software product of markemsystems, which can connect encoder and labeling machine in the factory to monitor the price rise and fall of scrap steel in major cities across the country, which has reached the label production line in the 6million ton factory, for example, the status of the production line, label specifications, target control and batch processing of information

the printing and pasting method also benefits the supply chain management. "Batch networking means that the inventory can be minimized. The efficiency of retailers' large distribution centers depends on fast production capacity and trouble free inspection, especially for products with short shelf life." Markem added

$page break $to replace the pre printing method, people simplify and effectively arrange the packaging operation. Zenecaagrochemicals recently introduced and invested in a customized label production line from grahamlabellingsystems to cooperate with a newly established center to jointly complete the label operation of all local flat packaging

a special storage and feeding platform is installed in the production line to lift the flat containers from the storage stack to the conveyor belt. It uses four commander20025 stickers, one of which is installed under the conveyor belt. Large product and warning marks are pasted on the top and bottom of the container, and a qse50c heat transfer printer is connected with a label operating head to overprint batch information and data. Zeneca said that the main benefits of this transformation are: the utilization rate of quantitative packaging line has increased by 20%, the change of coding and marking quality has been eliminated, the efficiency of packaging operation has been increased and the loss has been reduced. "In addition, the container can be ready immediately and can respond more flexibly to customer requirements." The company said. Some bar code reading errors and logistics supply problems make the application of radio frequency tags (cards), especially in the container, more and more attention

chips in labels

a few weeks ago, a heat transfer sticker machine was launched in the market, which can encode chips in label materials at the same time. Pago's pagoprinter uses a sensor that can provide real-time information for the chip, which makes it possible to accurately read the code while adding additional security

"here, we haven't talked about long-distance readout. The physical conditions make this antenna system unable to be produced in large quantities and cost effectively," Cooper pointed out. "The investment in manufacturing antenna systems is huge. However, when you see the benefits they bring in solving market incompatibilities or security problems, you will find that the tag card is the solution to the problem. A meter of readout distance is enough." On the cost, he said: "yes, of course there will be a price to pay, but in the face of a container of whisky, the price is worth it."

different positions

flexibility and speed requirements are necessary for today's container printing system. Therefore, people have designed a new willett255 model to meet the needs of many container transportation and label position arrangement, including the marking of container disassembly. According to the ean (European commodity number) guidelines, the mobile equipment will place two standard container labels within 20 seconds

the core part of the project is a hinge arm attachment device, which makes the label knocking pad move in a limited space to mark the front, rear and side of the container. The whole design includes a 400mm diameter label shaft, an electronic device and a connecting device that can accept the signal of the bar code scanner. They can easily access the printing machine

logopak has made progress in the following two aspects, making its equipment fully meet the speed requirements. It is said that the company's 920pdk container labeling machine can mark 200 containers per hour. Its standard accessories include a 1200 meter color band, which is enough for 3600 A4 size labels. The second aspect of progress is that the company has announced the launch of a printing system with dual 64 bit processors - 2906b90, which is designed for real-time printing, with a printing speed of more than 200 labels per minute for products such as books and beverages

codeway is introducing a production line with chess system from novex. It is said that when using standard label materials, the system has achieved high-quality printing effects at a speed of 300mm/s. It is also equipped with a 64 bit processor. DPM printing machine is designed to automatically follow the speed of the product, and the capacity of adding ribbon is 1200 meters

$page break $recyclable transfer packaging

major retailers tend to use recyclable transfer packaging, which increases the new demand for the printing system in the market. Johndickinson of Willett said, "the key to the success of the crate automatic labeling system is that the system should be able to meet the various and offline processing requirements of customers for all European standard crates."

the fully automatic operation of label processing combines the scanned data at the ID barcode on the crate with the printing data to create a database, which can track and record the sent products with the crate. Willett has developed a system capable of printing and inserting card labels into logtech and Paxton crates. In an application developed for users during the K exhibition, the company introduced a stackable label system, which allows two kinds of crates to operate in the same system

there are many materials for different models and designs advancedlabellingsystems has launched a series of new and cost-effective container labeling systems als-pi Series, ranging from entry-level devices to top-level PL3 models. Either type can be operated individually or jointly. These systems are capable of × 60mm to 155 × 240mm label, and the position of the mark can be set flexibly

the company has recently launched the alx720, which is a high-speed universal printing system. Its design operating speed is 250 labels per minute (depending on the label size). It is said that the accuracy of label operation is ± 0.5mm. The device adopts 300dpi resolution print head technology and provides 17 fonts, including ocr/a and OCR

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