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Application of concave convex embossing process in product packaging industry

printing is completed by mechanical embossing after a printing plate is coated with an appropriate amount of ink. "The printing surface completed by this method can only be flat, and it is impossible to produce a three-dimensional concave surface. Concave convex embossing process can produce three-dimensional hierarchical convex surface on unprinted white paper or printed paper, which has a special artistic effect

concave convex embossing process is another derivative creation after the invention of printing in ancient China. It is a comprehensive process combining printing technology and carving art. Copper engraving concave convex embossing technology is the transplantation and application of relief (plane carving) art in printing technology. Without the development of printing technology and relief art, it is impossible to have the development of concave convex embossing

the basic feature of relief art is that it is required to create patterns on a plane with a small area and thickness:

1. The layers are clear, and the richer the expression, the better

2. The three-dimensional image is concentrated, and the tighter the expression, the better

3. The perspective angle is accurate, and the more true the expression is, the better the special oil pump can fully meet the requirements of the long-term fatigue test of the aircraft

the basic features of relief can be fully expressed through the concave convex embossing process. The main substrate for concave convex embossing is paper. Generally, the main substrate for paper to withstand concave convex embossing is paper. Generally, the thickness of paper to withstand concave convex embossing is only a few tenths of a millimeter to about 1 millimeter. It is conceivable that the complexity of creating rich and colorful convex plans within this thickness range

the application and development of concave convex embossing process in China began in the 1920s, and gradually formed an independent process system in China. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, 4. Filter of electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine: the filter without infarct instigator has been more widely used, especially with the development of commodity economy

the decorative functions of concave convex imprinting on the surface of paper packaging products are as follows:

1. Make stereo modeling patterns and words to add decorative artistic effects

2. Improve the post-processing of data, improve the quality of goods and increase the added value of goods

3. The advanced fine concave convex shape is difficult to imitate and has considerable anti-counterfeiting effect

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