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Application of anti-counterfeiting technology (VII)

the wide application of "dual card anti-counterfeiting technology" should be said to have found a new way in the field of anti-counterfeiting technology. It has become a more advanced and reliable anti-counterfeiting technology in the world today

relevant experts believe that the "nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology" has broad and huge social and economic benefits, and should be seriously applied and popularized, so that the "nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology" can form an industry, go to the country and the world. The development will eventually solve this problem

10. Texture anti-counterfeiting marking technology

the "texture anti-counterfeiting marking" technology successfully developed by Dongfang International anti-counterfeiting Co., Ltd. is a texture anti-counterfeiting marking made of paper-based and colored fibers. Its features are:

(1) paper itself is a widely used package, label, trademark, material, convenient processing and production, and low price

(2) the texture formed by the fiber is easy to be tested by the needle picking method, and the imitation ink can be simply distinguished

(3) the fiber texture is clear, the shape is complex, and the file is easy to fall off

(4) it is not easy to fake texture by manually burying or pasting fibers

the technological process is as follows:

(1) select the three-dimensional, random, structural, clear, unique and difficult to copy structural texture of the carrier material as the anti-counterfeiting feature

(2) encode the texture anti-counterfeiting marks so that each mark has at least one unique code containing random numbers

(3) printing coordinates, tables, position serial numbers and other references used to accurately describe the texture position

(4) capture, number and register the texture anti-counterfeiting feature information and put it into the file

(5) access and interconnect the texture anti-counterfeiting feature information database to the public for free

the texture anti-counterfeiting logo breaks through the defect that the traditional anti-counterfeiting products are easy to be imitated by batch and difficult to be identified by consumers, and creatively solves the contradiction that the anti-counterfeiting technology is both easy to identify and difficult to copy. To sum up, the texture anti-counterfeiting logo has the following eight technologies. 8. It has the advantages of preventing the collision of sensors with hard objects:

· the structural features are extremely difficult to forge

· the query conclusion is accurate and reliable

· whether it is true or false

· the public recycling of information is invalid

· it is effective after checking and buying for many times

· the report and remedy of label theft

· not afraid of hackers and not afraid of internal theft

· once the permanently effective

texture anti-counterfeiting logo is adopted, It can be queried and identified through, fax or computer network system. It can be checked first and then bought. Consumer identification is convenient, simple, authentic and accurate. Therefore, it can be said that the "texture anti-counterfeiting logo" query system is a high-tech product that "the ancient tiger symbol anti-counterfeiting principle is grafted with new digital technology". According to the "PCT international inspection related data display report", texture anti-counterfeiting is the first case in China. It has the characteristics of simple and reliable anti-counterfeiting principle, high imitation cost, unprofitable counterfeiters and long anti-counterfeiting cycle

at present, the Oriental International anti-counterfeiting center has formed a production capacity of 0 million marks with a class production of 50 boxes and a higher requirement for sealing. By the end of November 2000, 23 enterprises, including Xi'an Lijun Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Hainan Jinlu Bioengineering Co., Ltd., Shenzhen American factor health products development Co., Ltd., Shanxi Haiwei Biological Products Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., had entered into agreements, with 153million marks

Oriental International anti-counterfeiting center has domestic and international patent rights for texture anti-counterfeiting technology, which will play a greater role in China's anti-counterfeiting cause

11. Printing plate making anti-counterfeiting technology

the anti-counterfeiting design software developed by Belgian Barco company, Hungarian Jura company and China's Peking University Founder Company is an advanced design software used in plate making and anti-counterfeiting. Based on the high-end computer plate making system, it can carry out anti-counterfeiting plate making design by using a powerful workstation and a precision Imagesetter, using the graphic plate making midpoint The controllable factors and random factors of line combination are used to prevent forgery. Even if counterfeiters can analyze their production ideas and use the same software, they cannot copy the same printing plate with any different parameter. As the post process is the same as the conventional printing, the cost of anti-counterfeiting printing is greatly reduced

for example, the secusedl pattern design system consists of the following anti-counterfeiting modules. Namely (1) line emboss; (2) Line screen; (3) Point change (trafo soreen selec screen); (4) Dither screen; (5) Grid background; (6) Pattern background; (7) Ink selec or. By adopting the above plate making anti-counterfeiting technology, it has the advantages of less production process, less relative investment and strong anti-counterfeiting function. (to be continued)

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