Application of the most popular drug packaging mat

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Application of drug packaging materials

normal> in the aspect of drug packaging, in order to have the advantages of high impact strength, softness, transparency and so on, it is necessary to choose plastic materials. The following is an introduction to plastic materials

The properties of plastics are mainly determined by the size and shape of their constituent molecules. Most plastics are monomers in the first few stages of manufacturing, that is, they are composed of small unit molecules. However, under the action of heat, pressure and chemical catalysts, these small molecules are combined into complex molecules and become solid or semi-solid structures. The characteristics of plastics can be listed as:

normal> 1 Resistant to chemical attack

normal> 2. It is glossy, and some parts are transparent or translucent

normal> 3. Most plastics are good insulators

normal> 4. Light weight, but very strong, and can even replace metal

normal> 5. Large scale production, easy processing and low price

normal> 6. The utility model has the advantages of wide use, multiple effects and pleasing colors

normal> 7. Stable shape and good electrical property

normal> 8. It is flexible, easy to color, and part of it is resistant to high temperature

Due to the above-mentioned advantages, new plastics have been continuously researched and developed, and their various properties are better, such as engineering plastics or polymer plastics

normal> real photos of high peek 3D printouts molecular polymers are high molecular weight compounds containing covalent bonds as binding forces between atoms or molecules. It is usually called polymer when its molecular weight is more than 1000. In nature, such as natural rubber, protein, cellulose, starch, asbestos, etc., are high molecular substances

no enables the collection and display of the comprehensive consideration data in the experimental data. Rmal> polymer is composed of monomers, that is, the polymer can be said to be formed by the bonding of monomers. Usually, the structure of the polymer is described by structural units. The structural units have different arrangement and connection methods, such as linear polymers. The arrangement form of the structural units on the chain is x- (m) n-y, where m is a structural unit, That is, monomer, where n is the degree of polymerization, referred to as D.P. When n is 2, it is called dimers, when n is 3, it is called trimers, and when n is 4, it is called tetramers. The copyright of n

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