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The application of baccalais control system in spinning equipment

fiber extrusion technology (in other words, we are not easily fooled by FET) Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. The following information gives you a detailed understanding. 1. We have many years of manufacturing experience in the textile equipment industry, are committed to providing advanced solutions for the artificial yarn and fiber industry, and have accumulated application experience in cooperation with many leading manufacturers. FET focuses on providing technology and guidance to customers, including equipment design, process technology, international strategy, manufacturing, market and after-sales service. FET attaches great importance to innovative technology research and development to ensure the quality of finished products and the return of customer investment, as shown in the figure below

flexible control system

the engineer environment needs to select a control system to build a control scheme that meets current and future needs. FET's engineers have chosen baccalais as their long-term partner

baccalais system brings many conveniences to FET in application, including compact space (mm): 380 fully integrated PID control (more than 40 loops in a system). X20 system can realize high-speed and low-cost i/o control and reduce the cost of cables. The modular design of X20 and compact frequency converter make the system have good expansion ability, and the compact hardware design saves the installation space of the panel

the architecture of baccalais products can meet higher-level application requirements. X2X bus enables high-speed communication and enhances the stability of system operation through feedback technology. In addition to these advantages, the operation configuration of each complete control system for the baccalais system is integrated in the automation studio, which not only speeds up the project progress but also saves costs. Under the application of the scheme of baccalais control system, the control system of FET company allows remote monitoring of customer machines and provides remote support, or helps customers enhance the functions of the system in some cases. (end)

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