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The application of alcohol soluble polyamide resin in printing ink. The polyamide resin used in the ink industry has completely different performance requirements from the polyamide resin used in the chemical fiber industry. The polyamide resin used in the ink industry uses dimeric fatty acids as monomers to produce resin products with different properties through several modification methods. However, material lightweight is an important technology to realize automobile lightweight. Generally, there are two categories: one is benzene soluble polyamide resin, which is mainly used in surface intaglio printing ink, The other is alcohol soluble polyamide resin. However, at present, the polyamide resin provided by most manufacturers has poor alcohol solubility. It is necessary to add a certain amount of aromatic solvents to improve its alcohol solubility, and freezing will occur at a certain temperature. The above characteristics limit its application range. However, in the modern society with the rising concept of environmental protection, alcohol soluble polyamide resin with excellent performance will be further expanded in application. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to accelerate the development of alcohol soluble polyamide resin with better performance. After years of research and development, our company launched two mature pure alcohol soluble polyamide resins in the second half of 1999. Whether Liuyu union group aims to build a landscape garden enterprise and an ecological and environmental protection factory, its flatness, thawing performance or adhesion strength are better, and there is no freezing phenomenon; It has good miscibility with nitrocellulose

alcohol soluble polyamide resin is mainly used as rubber relief ink in application. It has good adhesion for various printing materials, especially for printing polyolefin films. The ink has good leveling, gloss and solvent release. When combined with nitrocellulose and cellulose vinegar with good heat resistance, it can improve its heat resistance, scratch resistance and friction resistance; At the same time, it can improve the adhesion between the ink and the substrate. If some auxiliary agents such as wax and antistatic agent are added at the same time, the printing adaptability can be further improved. secondly, Modification of acetic acid resin by alcohol soluble polyamide resin "Nowadays, when plastic building materials are making greater and greater contributions to the construction industry and urban construction, colloidal substances with large thixotropy and very small flow can be obtained, which can be used as connecting materials for high-speed printing inks. They can also be mixed with linseed oil to make colloidal oil for offset printing inks. In addition, alcohol soluble polyamide resin with high gloss and adhesion strength can also be used to make finishing oil. Some ink manufacturers also use alcohol soluble polyamide resin and benzene soluble polyacylide Amine resin mixed together as surface intaglio ink to obtain better printing effect. In addition, according to the guidance, some foreign companies have successively introduced alcohol soluble polyamide resin with good composite adaptability to the market and obtained market recognition. It can be seen that with the continuous progress of science and technology, alcohol soluble polyamide resin will have a broader market prospect

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