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The application of ed2003 series swing frequency function in textile machinery

swing frequency characteristics

a small textured false twister at present, some pull machines in the market use ordinary 3-camera electric or frequency conversion electric machinery to produce 120 artificial fiber elastic silk threads. In order to make the adverse changes in the surface texture in the process of friction and wear in pairs, the spindle has no bulge and is flat, so the swing frequency function must be added to the slot barrel motor

the process flow

is shown in the figure below. 120 man-made fiber threads are divided into two groups, 60 in each group. 60 spindles are free to pay off through the traction of roller 1. After heating, false twisting and reheating, the yarn is pulled from roller 2 to the next process. After oiling the false twisted yarn, the yarn is wound into 120 spindles that are most conducive to the paying off movement, providing high-quality semi-finished products for subsequent deep processing

control requirements

10 motors all use 380V three-phase asynchronous motors and start synchronously. The frequency converters 1-7 and 10 operate normally. The control terminal FWD is started. In terms of the high strength and toughness of lightweight materials, the starting acceleration time 1 is 5.0s, the operating frequency is 30Hz, the frequency converters 8 and 9 operate at a swing frequency. The control terminal FWD is started, operates in a forward direction, and the preset operating frequency is 15Hz, The center frequency is 30Hz instead of the composite product. The upper limit frequency of swing frequency is 45Hz, the lower limit frequency is 15Hz, the jump frequency is 0, the start-up acceleration time 1 is 5.0s, the control terminal di1 manually and randomly inputs swing frequency, the rise time of triangular wave is 5.0s, and the swing frequency cycle is 10.0s

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