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Application of Comron frequency converter in CNC lathe

1 Introduction to CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools are mechatronics products integrated with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics, information and other technologies for 30 years. They have flexible, universal, high-precision and high-efficiency "flexible" automatic production equipment in mechanical manufacturing equipment. They use digital codes for various operations and steps required in the processing process and the shape and size of workpieces, The control medium is sent to the numerical control device, which processes and calculates the input information, commands the machine tool system and driving elements, and automatically processes the required workpiece. The technical level of CNC machine tools and the fact that there is no damage and parameter error in the metal cutting machine tools. The output and total ownership of the same kind of query input by a user at different times may be about the percentage of different needs. It is one of the important symbols to measure the national economic development and the overall level of industrial manufacturing of a country. In recent years, the share of CNC machine tools in Chinese enterprises has increased year by year. It has been widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises, and has been widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises and even individual enterprises

2. Introduction to the characteristics of komlung sensorless vector inverter

kv2000 series inverter adopts advanced speed sensorless vector control technology. The motor has large torque at low speed, zero servo function, 100% torque output at operating frequency of 0Hz, high speed accuracy, reasonable price and complete functions. It can automatically detect and adjust the dynamic operation parameters of the motor, In order to ensure that the motor operates at the highest efficiency, we usually do experiments. Therefore, the speed sensorless vector converter can replace the AC servo system and is the best choice in the machine tool industry. For customers, frequency converters are widely used on lathes because of their high cost performance

1) advanced technology, compact structure, beautiful and generous product appearance

2) the control mode is no speed feedback vector control, and the control performance is greatly improved compared with the previous VF control mode, especially in terms of low-speed torque to meet the needs of the machine tool spindle, and the starting torque can reach more than 150% at 0.5Hz

3) the carrier frequency range is 0 ~ 16.9khz to ensure high silent operation of the motor

4) the power range is 0.75KW ~ 500kW, and the output frequency range is 0.0 ~ 650.0hz, which is suitable for the application field of high-speed CNC machine tools

5) provide standard 0 ~ 10V analog quantity interface (input impedance 300kohm), which is compatible with most CNC system interfaces and has strong universality

3. Debugging environment, wiring and debugging methods

1) 3.7KW CNC lathe

motor parameters:

rated power: 3.7KW, rated frequency: 50Hz, rated voltage: 380V, rated current: 8.6a, rated speed: 970r/min

mechanical transmission ratio: 1:1.5

processing materials: 45\p steel

actual test performance indicators: spindle speed: 200r/min (frequency of frequency converter is about 15Hz), Feed speed screw and other defects: 50mm/min, unilateral feed amount: 2.5mm, the operation effect is very good, and the actual feed speed and unilateral feed amount can be increased

2) 5.5kW CNC lathe

motor parameters: rated power: 5.5kW, rated frequency: 50Hz, rated voltage: 380V, rated current: 13a, rated speed: 1400r/min

mechanical transmission ratio: 1:1.5 processing material: 45steel

actual test performance indicators: spindle rotation speed: 200r/min (frequency converter operation frequency: 9 ~ 10Hz), feed speed: 60mm/min, single side feed amount: 2mm

spindle speed: 450r/min (the operating frequency of the frequency converter is about 22Hz), feed speed: 60mm/min, unilateral feed amount: 4mm, the operation effect is very good, and the actual feed speed and unilateral feed amount can be increased

the customer's optional motor is 3.7kw/50hz/380v, the selected frequency converter model is kv2000-g0037c-4t, and the braking resistance is 1000 watts/100 ohms

4. Conclusion

CNC machine tool spindle is composed of general AC servo system, imported brand vector control frequency converter and special motor for frequency conversion, and the purchase cost is very high; With its unique performance and superior cost performance, KV2000 series frequency converter has risen rapidly in the application of numerical control machine tools, and has become a powerful new force in the current market. It has reduced the cost about twice for customers in the machine tool industry, and has a high degree of trust, creating more benefits for customers

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