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Anhui gives printing enterprises another shot at "law-abiding" prevention

recently, a training course on Printing regulations jointly organized by Anhui Provincial Publishing Bureau and Hefei Municipal Publishing Bureau was held in Hefei Xinghua Printing Co., Ltd. Province 3 A total of 120 legal representatives or persons in charge of printing enterprises attended the meeting, including representatives of 10 book publishing houses, two large circulation periodicals, and all publications in Hefei, which laid a solid foundation for the plastic processing industry to enter the ranks of the world's advanced countries

Wang Deming, head of the printing and reproduction management office of Anhui Publishing Bureau, gave a speech at the training class. He first pointed out the noteworthy performance in the printing industry of our province: some publication printing enterprises have a deviation in their understanding of the implementation of the "book and periodical printing Commission" system. A few publication printing enterprises have a weak awareness of accepting the administrative management of the industry. Some publication printing enterprises are suspected of piracy. In view of the above situation, he elaborated on the problems that publication printing enterprises need to take seriously: the problem of printing the teaching aids outside the province and handling the filing of the power of attorney; Whether the printing of primary and secondary school textbooks requires the filing of the power of attorney; Printing general books and periodicals and handling the filing of power of attorney. Problems to be grasped in printing overseas books and periodicals; The registration of "power of attorney" transferred from books and periodicals, including teaching aids outside the province

the Provincial Publishing Bureau will also hold the second training courses on laws and regulations for publication printing enterprises in northern and southern areas in Suzhou and Wuhu respectively, expanding the training to all legal representatives or principals of registered publication printing in the province

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