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On January 19, Fujian Light Industry Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. grandly held the 2018 Fujian light machinery summary and commendation and 2019 Spring Festival Gala at Minhou Guohui hotel. This year's annual meeting was attended by leaders and guests, foreign guests, partners, and There are more than 260 supplier representatives and employees in the company. Let's get together and have a get-together

At the beginning of the annual meeting, chairman Li Xiangling delivered a spring festival speech, reviewed the remarkable achievements made in 2018, thanked the employees of all departments for their hard work, and expressed their expectations for the continued development and growth of the company. Li Xiangling hoped that all colleagues would work together to make the development of the company to a higher level in 2019

General manager Li Yan delivered a passionate speech at the meeting. She stressed that 2018 was a year of rapid development of light machinery in Fujian. Sales doubled compared with 2017, production output reached a new high, and the overall management level of the company was improved. The company has won the honorary titles of top 30 enterprises in China's light industry equipment manufacturing industry, top 10 enterprises in China's pulp and paper machinery industry, and Fuzhou intellectual property demonstration enterprise for two consecutive years. At the same time, it also pointed out the problems and improvement methods in the production management of the enterprise, and put forward ideas and requirements for the management of the company in 2019, especially from the aspects of sales, quality, production, technical system and so on: technological innovation leads the development of the enterprise; Equipment + technical services = solutions to meet customer needs; Focus on the development of the enterprise itself, and constantly improve the management level of the enterprise from all aspects; Adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship and constantly improve quality; Deeply cooperate with customers and reach a long-term strategic alliance with key customers. Finally, Li Yan takes "walking steadily and aiming far" as her corporate vision, and hopes that her colleagues will work steadily and consolidate their existing customer resources; Continue to explore new markets and fields, improve management level and efficiency, and work together to create another 50-year glory

Li Yan's speech

subsequently, deputy general manager Li Mei read out "Fujian light machinery 2018 excellent employee commendation can be turned over at any time in the future according to user needs and re analyzed the experimental data", and called on all employees to learn from them, learn from them that they are conscientious and hardworking in their respective positions, especially the team spirit of taking the overall situation into consideration! The leaders of the company issued certificates and prizes to excellent employees and teams to encourage them to guard against arrogance and impetuosity, play an exemplary leading role and make new contributions in the new year

award presentation site for excellent employees

the employees of all departments at this gala brought dazzling performances in different forms, with wonderful performances such as dance, singing, stage drama and games, interspersed with lottery and interactive links. With the extraction of incentive awards, third prize, second prize, first prize and special prize, the atmosphere of the annual meeting reached a climax. The party not only brings laughter to everyone, but also makes the hearts of colleagues closer to each other

rabbit dance of the general department

popular lottery scene

company leaders interact with employees, grab red envelopes, exciting lottery activities... Songs, applause, cheers go on for a long time. The whole party was full of climaxes, and the big family of Fujian light machinery was happy and harmonious

ZHENG Guoqiang "infatuation absolute"

warehouse department "Legend of Zhen Huan"

Yan Yilong "fairy tale" Wu Weiwen "for whom"

Lin Fang, Bruce Lee "sudden self", Yang Zhenfei, pan Sijie "seaweed dance", Li Yonglin "Horizon"

chorus game

brilliant 201 Jinan is the gathering place of the testing machine industry. After 8 years, 2019 full of hope and challenges is quietly coming. "Fifty years of spring and autumn harvest · today's fine industry is changing day by day". Facing the next 50 years of Fujian light machinery, light machinery people will be full of passion, go hand in hand, and win a more brilliant future with confidence and wisdom

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