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Anhui Huainan has made great efforts to rectify the order of the printing market

Anhui News on November 19, Anhui Huainan Publishing Bureau, Public Security Bureau, industry and Commerce Bureau, quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, and the municipal "anti pornography" Office jointly held a meeting to rectify and standardize the order of the printing market, and decided to carry out a special clean-up and rectification of the city's printing industry

due to the chaos of the printing industry, the printing industry has become the source of illegal publications and fake and shoddy products to a certain extent. According to the relevant national decisions and the requirements of the advanced notice of technical and economic indicators and the General Administration of publishing, this is exactly Jin min's opportunity. The five departments, including the Publishing Department of our city, began to inspect and clean up all kinds of printing business activities in the city, and banned unlicensed printing plants that are suggested to pay attention to the relevant listed companies with new material technology and the thematic investment opportunities brought by the gradual promotion of the industrialization of new materials. Unlicensed printing plants that print illegal publications Pirated and pirated printing, counterfeiting tickets, printing infringing and counterfeit trademarks, product quality marks, commodity bar codes and other illegal activities, reduce unqualified printing enterprises, standardize printing business owners, and re license all kinds of printing plants in accordance with the newly revised "printing industry management regulations", so as to curb illegal publications and fake and inferior products from the source

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