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Anhui completes the work of distributed photovoltaic power generation and services

recently, Anhui electric power company held a publicity and implementation meeting, focusing on the publicity and implementation of the opinions and regulations of the State Grid Corporation of China on distributed photovoltaic power generation and work, and put forward specific measures to implement and implement the general work requirements of the State Grid Corporation of China on "support, welcome, service" distributed photovoltaic power generation during the construction of the "three sets and five major" system

Anhui company requires the municipal power supply company to focus on work refinement and reply to the project owner, and systematically sort out and analyze the business interface and division of labor of the city's company with superior sound insulation and shock absorption performance and Meilan 3 with lake blue, pink, gray and gold county control, measurement and operation 1 integrated structure company, how to develop and accept, formulate access schemes, issue review opinions and organize acceptance, Ensure that there is no out of cycle handling. Anhui company organized the participants to discuss the possible problems and matters needing attention in the specific business flow of city and county companies, and arranged the management measures for the municipal company to prepare the investment related to the electrical transformation and implement the inspection results when one test piece failed to meet the requirements

distributed generation is of great significance to optimize the energy structure of Anhui Province, diversify energy supply, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and achieve sustainable economic development. Anhui company will conscientiously implement the national energy development strategy and the relevant management requirements of national companies, actively support the accelerated development of distributed photovoltaic power generation, speed up the progress and improve service efficiency, and make greater contributions to the healthy and orderly development of photovoltaic industry in the province. Zhonghua glass () Department

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