Anhui Lida held a new product promotion meeting to

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Anhui Lida held a new product promotion meeting to fill a number of technical gaps

Anhui Lida held a new product promotion meeting to fill a number of technical gaps

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recently, Anhui Lida Industry Co., Ltd., located in Huaishang District, Bengbu City, held a new product promotion meeting. The four new products introduced by the enterprise, namely, the integrated multi-function pile machine, the one meter diameter long screw, the concrete mixing pump and the mobile concrete mixing pump station, have filled the domestic technical gap in effectively solving the problems of pile formation in hard soil layer and field construction

since 2012, the development of domestic equipment manufacturing industry has entered a trough, and industry enterprises have encountered unprecedented difficulties. The government of Huaishang District, Bengbu City, together with social forces, has taken various ways to support small and medium-sized enterprises and help them out of difficulties. In the industry trough period, Huaishang District encourages enterprises to accumulate and develop. Driven by the difficulty of innovating these data for many domestic enterprises, it promotes the construction of scientific, technological and economic integration, and supports enterprises to increase the pace of innovation in various forms, such as enterprises investing in government support, starting from a production line, and social investment in government subsidies. A series of preferential policies such as "one-to-one" hanging point assistance of district leaders and measures conducive to enterprise technological innovation have been formulated and introduced, and a set of incentive mechanisms such as the project construction supervision and assessment system of "setting goals at the beginning of the year, monthly supervision and year-end general accounting" and the economic benefit binding reward and punishment mechanism with the same responsibility, right and interest have been established. At the same time, we will vigorously organize private enterprises to carry out multi-level and all-round technical cooperation with Shijiazhuang Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China University of science and technology, Anhui University, Hefei University and other universities and scientific research institutions, and concentrate on the original innovation, integrated innovation and product technology re development and reuse of enterprise core technology, so as to rapidly upgrade product technology and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into new processes and products. So far, in the first half of this year, the development center of Anhui Lida Industrial Co., Ltd., which is already a provincial technology center, has applied for 13 patents, including 4 invention patents. Liuhongying, chairman of the board of directors of the enterprise, revealed that the enterprise aims at the goal of a landmark high-tech enterprise in the machinery manufacturing industry, strengthens innovation, strives to be upgraded to the national level soon, among which China's demand is about 3500kt enterprise technology center, and promotes the listing of the company

Anhui Lida Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in December 2009 with a registered capital of 55million yuan, was jointly founded by several young and middle-aged elites who have worked in the field of engineering machinery design and manufacturing for more than ten years. Adhering to the business tenet of "science and technology oriented, innovation oriented and serving the country", the company strives to build a landmark high-tech enterprise in the machinery design and manufacturing industry with the spiritual concept of being rigorous and pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising, and gathering strength to benefit the country

Anhui Lida is mainly committed to the research and development, production and sales of concrete machinery, rock drilling machinery, piling machinery, mining machinery, chemical machinery, environmental protection equipment and other electromechanical products and spare parts, undertake heat treatment processing and cold work processing, and sell metal materials, lubricants and electromechanical products. At present, it has built its own new technology and new product development center (provincial technology center), applied for more than 10 patents, has a perfect quality assurance system, a strict management system for oil leakage, strong production capacity and advanced detection means. The main product is a integrated multi-functional static pile driver, which is a key new product in Anhui Province

the company is located in Huaishang Industrial Park, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, with phase I land of 33666 square meters, a construction area of more than 20000 square meters, a production workshop of 19000 square meters, other office facilities and test sites of 5000 square meters, and more than 200 employees, including 40 senior professional technicians and managers. More than 100 sets of processing and manufacturing equipment and more than 10 sets of self-made special tooling and supporting equipment have been invested. Recently, new products such as one meter diameter long screw pile machine, integrated concrete mixing drag pump and mobile concrete mixing plant have been launched

phase II covers an area of 40000 square meters, and its main products are five categories and 20 specifications, with product sales of 300 million to 500 million yuan. The company expects to build a large industrial park covering an area of more than 1300 mu, integrating production, experiment, culture and entertainment through two five-year construction and development

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