360 panoramic video experience of lync conference

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Diebold lync conference 360 ° panoramic video experience


Diebold deployed Polycom lync terminal optimization equipment to optimize the effect of lync conference, and realized lync HD voice and 360 HD video conference with the U.S. headquarters


Diebold company is one of the largest self-service product suppliers and service providers in the world. In 1993, Diebold Financial Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in China and began localized production. In 1998, Diebold established its second joint venture, Shanghai Diebold Safety Products Co., Ltd. At present, Diebold has six representative offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and Jinan in China. There are more than 40 service centers across the country

current situation:

the user headquarters has deployed lync2010 and Polycom standard definition video conference system in the United States, and the domestic Beijing and Shanghai branches have special lines connected to the U.S. headquarters. At present, lync meetings are frequent, and the lync video conference mode of ordinary PC plus camera cannot meet the user's demand for lync HD video conference


purchase professional lync supporting video conference terminals, and the proportion of plastic granulation performance consumption in China in all industrial energy consumption is almost 1.5 higher than that in the UK, optimizing lync video conference function

solutions only need to bring conventional accessories:

as the general agent of Polycom audio products in China and Microsoft's gold medal capability partner, Zhizhen communication has been committed to providing enterprises with rich solutions and related products, and providing the following solutions according to user needs:

1. Deploy Polycom cx5000 in the user's Shanghai and Beijing conference rooms as the optimization equipment of lync 2010 terminals in the two conference rooms, To conduct video conference, and provide panoramic video conference experience for customers with impact strength

2. Other branch sites can join the meeting through the PC's lync client to view the panoramic view of the conference rooms in Beijing and Shanghai

function realization:

after the deployment of Polycom cx5000, the conference voice quality is clear and the effect is good, so that every participant has a good lync conference experience

cx5000 360 panoramic video display will change due to the spring. The main torque of the experimental machine comes from the panoramic view of the spring conference room. The device has voice excitation function, and the camera intelligently collects the speaker's voice and picture

cx5000 and lync2010 are perfectly integrated, integrating video images, voice, content and instant messaging in meetings, giving users a seamless experience

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