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Over the past 25 years of reform and opening up, Guangdong corrugated box industry has gradually formed a complete and reasonable industrial system. Its corrugated box enterprises, corrugated board production lines and high output value rank first in all provinces and cities in China. There are more than 3000 corrugated box manufacturers in Guangdong, most of which are located in the Pearl River Delta. For example, there are nearly 1000 in Dongguan and more than 300 in Shenzhen. There are more than 600 corrugated box production lines, of which advanced equipment imported from abroad accounts for more than 20%; The output of corrugated boxes is nearly 4million tons, and the output value is about 18billion yuan

1. The development process of corrugated box industry in Guangdong

Guangdong took the lead in reform and opening up. With the development of national economy, the expansion of foreign trade and the improvement of people's living standards, the corrugated box industry has developed rapidly, and its development process can be divided into four stages:

the first stage is the slow development stage (from the early liberation to the late 1970s). During this period, the corrugated box industry in Guangdong was very backward. Many products are packed in gunny bags, earthen cans, wooden cases, paper bags and iron drums, and only a few export commodities are packed in cartons or plastic bags. Under the planned economic system, the number of commodities is small, so there are few paper product packaging factories, especially corrugated box factories, and the level of technical equipment is very low, almost all of them are small enterprises. The plant is simple and the equipment is old, but at the time of the popularity of various types of shared products, the process is backward, using single machine production, manual operation, poor production conditions, high labor intensity, low personnel quality, small output, and the annual output of enterprises is generally only hundreds of thousands of square meters. In addition to a small amount of imported paper used for packaging cartons for export goods, most of the production paper of enterprises use domestic paper. Its raw materials are mainly straw pulp and waste pulp. The product quality is poor, the variety is single, and almost all of them are monochrome

the second stage is the stage of rapid development (1980s). During this period, Guangdong took the lead in reform and opening up, and its economy developed rapidly, which promoted the rapid development of corrugated box industry supporting products. The large number of "foreign-funded" enterprises and the influx of foreign goods have made people pay attention to packaging. In order to match the export products and the products of "three foreign funded" enterprises, some small-scale packaging enterprises have been established, and foreign businessmen have also invested and set up factories in Guangdong. Due to the opening-up policy of the special economic zones, Shenzhen and other special economic zones took the lead in attracting a large number of Hong Kong and Taiwan carton enterprises to move in. The carton industry in Shenzhen has formed a pattern in which Hong Kong funded enterprises account for 60%, joint ventures account for 20%, and other state-owned and collective or private enterprises account for 20%, except for the deepest wet and slippery road experiments. In addition, with the introduction of a large number of advanced corrugated board production lines, carton enterprises occupy an important position in the special zone, and are at the forefront of the carton industry in terms of technology, quality, product grade and so on

with the development of foreign trade and national economy, people have gradually realized the importance of packaging. All industries have invested in setting up packaging enterprises, especially the rise of township enterprises, which has played a great role in promoting the paper product packaging industry. These enterprises started from scratch, bought foreign second-hand production lines and single-sided machines, and quickly occupied part of the market. At that time, the production equipment was mainly second-hand equipment from Japan, with a maximum width of 1.6m. Many old carton factories also invested in technological transformation and soon achieved economic benefits. On the basis of meeting the general commodity packaging, paper products packaging enterprises began to aim at household appliances. The new production lines are based on 1.81 and the quality m of the tension machine. Shunde Xinlong carton factory took the lead in introducing a 2m wide production line for household refrigerators and freezers; Guangzhou Dongfang carton factory invested in the production of 7-layer corrugated board. Some foreign businessmen are based in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and carry out large-scale operation. Among them, Shunfeng and Huali carton factories rank first in Guangdong in terms of equipment level, production scale and management. There are more than 200 5-layer carton production lines in the province, meeting the needs of industrial and agricultural production in Guangdong. While enterprises introduce foreign production lines on a large scale, domestic corrugated board production equipment is also rising rapidly. Zhaoqing Jialong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (the former Zhaoqing machine tool factory), which ranks among the top three in China, has produced a corrugated box production line suitable for China's national conditions with its strong technical force, won a part of the market and made contributions to the packaging industry

the third stage is the stage of steady development (1990s). During this period, medium and high-end carton factories have become the main force of the industry and made positive contributions to the development of Guangdong's commodity economy. There are many enterprises with more than two production lines in the Pearl River Delta. Guangdong commodity packaging began to shift from large packaging to small packaging, and the demand for color printing products is increasing. Some enterprises have added offset printing equipment, increased production varieties, and achieved good benefits; Some enterprises invest in the production of three-layer E-shaped corrugated boxes (boxes) for beverage and food packaging

the development of Guangdong's foreign trade has played a great role in promoting the prosperity of the packaging industry. Cartons supporting export commodities account for a considerable part of the total production, and this feature is particularly important in the production and processing stage. In order to reduce the economic losses caused by transportation damage, the provincial commodity inspection bureau and the provincial packaging office took the lead to carry out a series of inspections, examinations and product tests on the enterprises producing cartons for export packaging, and combined with quality management, standards and other work to promote the enterprises to improve their management level. After strict inspection, registration certificates were first issued to 56 carton factories. And sent a special person to form a quality management team, which made serious rectification from production to management, so that the quality and management level of the factory have been greatly improved. Through the commodity inspection and registration activities, the loss of cartons has been reduced, the production cost has been reduced, and the product quality has been steadily improved. In 1992, the Provincial Bureau of technical supervision and the provincial packaging office assessed the export carton manufacturers with a certain foundation, and then organized the "production license publicity and implementation meeting", expanding the scope to carton production enterprises in the province. 320 enterprises have obtained production licenses successively. Through this certification work, we have a clear understanding of the carton industry, and the production and management level of licensed enterprises has also been improved

at the same time, a large number of new products have been developed through structural adjustment. The varieties of cartons have developed from monochrome to color printing corrugated, color printing fine corrugated, whiteboard, Coated Whiteboard, dot like multi-faceted color, wide and heavy-duty, nail free, special and other varieties. Guangdong corrugated box industry has participated in various exhibitions and quality evaluation activities for many times, and has received many awards and honors. Yangcheng carton factory "rice cooker carton" won the first place in the country's export carton. The "Chuanbei cough syrup carton" of Chaozhou foreign trade joint venture carton factory won the second place in the domestic carton Market in China. The refrigerator cartons of Yangcheng carton factory have also won the title of Ministry of quality products. In addition, the products of five enterprises won the gold medal at Beijing '90 international packaging exhibition

the fourth stage is the stage of rational development (since the beginning of the 21st century). During this period, Guangdong corrugated box packaging entered the stage of rational development of quality and efficiency (economic and social benefits). During this period, single machines were completely eliminated, and production lines gradually replaced single-sided machines. At the same time, the increase in the number of production lines turned into the improvement of quality. The development of this period is not to continue on the corrugated board production line as in the third stage, but to show the upgrading of the corrugated board production line and the improvement of the technical level. The production line began to develop from low starting point, low-grade, light, narrow range, low speed and manual control to high starting point, high-grade, medium and heavy-duty, wide range, high-speed and automatic control

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