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The development status of egg packaging abroad

egg packaging has been developed abroad for a long time, especially in Europe and the United States, which has formed a relatively mature national product and market system

egg packaging can be basically divided into transportation packaging and consumer packaging according to its application field. The former mainly refers to egg tray, and the latter refers to egg box (with cover), which are used separately in the circulation of eggs, as shown in the figure:

egg tray has been widely used in the whole transportation process, especially in long-distance transportation. (at present, there is basically no 15kg plastic transport box used in some parts of China). Egg saucers are usually 30, with the exception of some countries, such as Japan, which has 45 egg saucers, and Spain, which has 15 egg saucers. Its material is mainly waste paper, which is called disposable pulp model tray, accounting for more than 90% of the market share. The rest is plastic tray, which is most used in Taiwan. This plastic tray can be recycled after cleaning and disinfection. The reason why paper mold trays are widely used is that they are disposable. The purpose is to prevent the spread of Newcastle disease and other viruses, and also to avoid the tedious work of disinfection and cleaning. In the specific role, egg trays are also divided into three sizes according to the size of eggs

egg boxes are mainly used in supermarkets and food stores that directly face consumers. There are 6, 10, 12 and 18 egg boxes in various specifications. The production date, manufacturer, or advertisement of eggs are also set inside and outside the box cover. It is advertised that basically all eggs should be closed and withdrawn from chicken farm wholesalers or supermarkets within a certain 10-year period. The materials of egg boxes are mainly pulp molding and foam plastic, accounting for 60% and 30% of the market share respectively, There is also a kind of egg box made of plastic transparent board and cardboard, but the appearance and strength of the product are greatly reduced. At present, with people's attention to environmental protection, more and more paper mold products have replaced the foam plastic egg box known as "white pollution"

wholesalers are generally responsible for the production and supply of the above two kinds of packaging. These companies purchase eggs from chicken farms, wash, sort, repack, and then send them as far as supermarkets and other retail outlets. They usually have their own egg trays. Improper disassembly of egg boxes will cause changes in pendulum torque and impact center position; Factory, or establish a close relationship with the corresponding manufacturers, but a considerable part of the chicken farms have a large output, so they are equipped with an egg tray production line, usually small and medium-sized equipment, to meet the needs of their surrounding areas

China's egg production has ranked the best in the world for eight consecutive years, but there is still a lot of work to be done on egg packaging. As far as egg saucers are concerned, although egg production is currently concentrated in farmers, there is a large amount of egg transportation across provinces, cities and regions. At present, most regions have used the transportation mode of egg tray and carton, which basically meets the requirements of protection performance, but the quality of egg tray is very poor, including equipment, raw materials and operation technology. Now all provinces and cities are actively exploring the export market, and improving the quality of egg tray will greatly promote this work

and the egg box is basically a blank in China, mainly because:

1. Domestic consumption habits and levels, general urban residents are still used to buying bulk eggs in the free market, only using a plastic bag. If eggs enter the supermarket and then put them into the egg box, the price will inevitably increase, which is still difficult for consumers to accept at present

2. The price of eggs has been unstable in recent years, sometimes even lower than the cost level, It also affects the manufacturers' packaging of eggs "Now the improvement of the house covering 100 square meters.

3. The production process of egg boxes is complex, and the equipment investment is large, which is not yet mastered by domestic enterprises. However, considering that people's living standards will be steadily improved, the pace of life will gradually accelerate, and the vigorous development of urban supermarkets and chain stores, egg retail will gradually transition from the free market to supermarkets. At that time, the requirements for egg boxes will also be put forward.

in short, Egg packaging, as an important part of the industrialization of egg production, also needs to be paid enough attention. The improvement of packaging will in turn bring more benefits to egg production

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