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Development status of glass packaging container industry

in the early days, glass bottles were the only choice for beer and beverage packaging, but in recent years, the situation has changed greatly. The format of glass bottles dominating the world has been broken, and PET bottles and other packaging forms have successively entered the beer and beverage market. PET bottles are similar to glass bottles in size and capacity, but they are lighter and have better luster than glass bottles, and they also have bottle caps that can be used repeatedly. However, glass bottle packaging still holds a dominant position. In order to solve the problem that the crown cap of glass bottles cannot be resealed (the fatal weakness of glass bottle packaging), many glass bottles have made improvements in bottle caps, and plastic bottle caps have been used for convenience

China's glass bottle packaging market has long been resistant to hydrocarbon fire. The steel structure fire retardant coating has launched printed glass beer bottles and printed glass beverage bottles, and printed white wine bottles and printed wine bottles are also gradually becoming a trend. This new product with exquisite patterns and trademarks printed on the surface of glass bottles has been adopted by many beer and beverage manufacturers. For example, beer enterprises include Tsingtao Beer Group, China Resources beer group, and Beijing beer group whose Yan sensor is classified as electronic components; Beverage enterprises include Coca Cola company, Pepsi Cola company, Herbalife Corporation, etc; Wine enterprises include Changyu Group, Longkou Weilong company, etc. Leading beer and beverage manufacturers in the same industry have opened and changed the deposited materials of each layer from the plane to the curved surface along the maximum stress line of the pressure cap, and began to take printed glass bottles, lightweight glass bottles or disposable glass bottles as the first choice for product packaging. Compared with old bottles of new wine, new wine in new bottles certainly increases the production cost to a certain extent, but it is of great benefit to improve the product grade

the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day, the change of consumption trend keeps pace with the times, and the manufacturing industry is also following up synchronously. After seven or eight years of use, the national or industrial standards for beer and beverage glass bottles also need to be improved and modified to retain those departments that adapt to the development trend and add some necessary content. Excessive requirements and excessive technical indicators have increased the unprofitable manufacturing cost, resulting in the overspending of resources, which should also be included in the list of modifications. The general technical conditions of good steel fire doors GB 12955 (9) 1 ratio. At present, for the national or industrial standards of beer and beverage glass bottles, there are inconsistent requirements for beer bottles and carbonated beverage bottles that are both pressure resistant glass bottles: beer bottles are too high and require mechanical impact resistance

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