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The development status of beverage filling production lines at home and abroad

in recent years, the beverage industry has developed rapidly, and the varieties of carbonated beverages, fruit juice beverages, vegetable juice beverages, milk containing beverages, bottled drinking water, tea beverages and so on are constantly enriched. The "red" in output makes the demand for equipment market also show a "bull market"

foreign filling and sealing equipment is developing at a high speed. The world's filling machines are developing in the direction of high speed, multi-purpose and high precision. At present, some filling production lines can function under different requirements and environments such as glass bottles and plastic containers (polyester bottles), carbonated beverages and non carbonated beverages, hot and cold filling. At present, the maximum filling speed of carbonated beverage filling machine has reached 2000 cans/min. the filling valves of German H & K filling machine are 165, Sen 144 and Krones 178. The diameter of the filling machine is as large as 5 meters, and the filling accuracy is less than ± 0.5ml

there are 50 ~ 100 filling valves in the non carbonated beverage filling machine, and the filling speed is up to 1500 cans/min. the speed of the filling machine trough is 20 ~ 25 rpm, and the speed is doubled. It can be used for hot filling of tea drinks, coffee drinks, soymilk, fruit juice drinks and other beverages. Foreign hot filled beverages will not be sterilized after sealing

carbonated beverage filling at room temperature has been brewing for more than 20 years. Carbonation at room temperature can reduce the cost of beverages and is beneficial to environmental protection. The nitrogen filling system of non carbonated beverages uses pressure or liquid nitrogen dripping to inject liquid nitrogen inert gas into aluminum cans or PET bottles, which can protect the contents and reduce the loss of nutrients

at present, PET bottled tea drinks usually adopt the hot filling method. In order to reduce the filling temperature, improve the flavor of tea drinks, and ensure the hygiene and safety of products, a simple sterile packaging machine for PET resin molding using 130 ℃ steam sterilization and special filling head filling has been developed. At the same time, the aseptic packaging technology of two thin-walled cans of iced coffee and other low acid drinks is being developed to realize the aseptic packaging of thin-walled cans

all-round development of domestic filling production lines. China's beverage filling equipment is basically developed on the basis of imported equipment and technology. In the 1980s, the introduction of various beverage filling production also required inspection of more than 300 oil delivery valve lines, including more than 500 beer filling lines. The imported filling production lines are mainly divided into the following categories:

glass bottle beverage filling lines 116 glass bottle beverage filling lines were introduced in the 1980s, mainly for carbonated beverages, of which more than 80 were introduced from Eastern European countries in the form of bookkeeping trade, including 35 in Romania, 30 in West Germany, 8 in Poland and the Czech Republic. The filling lines introduced in foreign exchange include 23 in West Germany and 3 in Japan. The universal insurance premium of all insurance industries in 2014 was about 340billion yuan, 6 in the United States and 1 in Italy. The main equipment of the production line includes unloading machine, bottle washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, air-water mixer, packing machine, etc. The detection equipment includes vacuum detector, liquid level detector and filling capacity of 150, 200, 300 ~ 400 bottles/min. The main manufacturers of the equipment include German Sen, H & K, O + H, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan, simonazzi of Italy, Meyer of the United States, etc

in 1984, Guangdong light machinery factory introduced the manufacturing technology of beer filling line of German Sen company and H & K Company to manufacture 20000 bottles of bottled beer filling line per hour. Nanjing Light Machinery Factory and Hefei light machinery factory used the technology of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry of Japan to manufacture 18000 bottles/minute of soft water filling line per hour. Others include the filling line of Chongqing Light Machinery Factory (mapping Mitsubishi Heavy Industry 32/8 equipment, 14000 bottles/minute) and Langfang Bao Tel: +886 ⑶ ⑵ 654349 Fax: +886 ⑶ ⑵ 654388 packaging equipment manufacturing corporation (mapping German Sen 24/6 equipment, 6000 ~ 8000 bottles/hour)

during the "Eighth Five Year Plan" period, China introduced 15 can beverage filling lines and 14 can beer filling lines. It is mainly the equipment of German Sen and American Meyer company, including can unloading machine, can washing machine, filling machine, can sealing machine, can warming machine, stacking machine, and others include mixing machine, code spraying machine, film shrinking machine, liquid level detector, etc. The filling capacity is 150, 300, 400, 500 cans/min, with a maximum of 575 cans/min. At present, Guangdong Light Machinery Factory, Nanjing Light Machinery Factory and Hefei light machinery factory have their own cans filling lines

there are 6-7 polyester bottle beverage filling lines introduced by the polyester bottle filling production line, including decanter, decanter, bottle washer, filling machine, capping machine, bottle warming machine, packing machine, etc. The filling capacity is 400 ~ 500 bottles/min for 250ml bottles and 50 ~ 280 bottles/min for 1250ml bottles. The main equipment manufacturers are Meyer of the United States and Sen of Germany. Hefei light machinery factory uses the technology of German Krones company to manufacture polyester bottle beverage filling line. At present, Hefei light machinery factory and Nanjing light machinery factory can manufacture both glass bottle and polyester bottle beverage filling lines

soft packaging beverage filling lines China has successively introduced soft packaging beverage filling lines from Sweden, the United States, Germany, France and other countries, mainly including: more than 40 Tetra Pak aseptic packaging machines in Sweden were introduced during the "Eighth Five Year Plan" period, and now there are more than 160 in the country, while Tetra Pak has set up composite cardboard manufacturing lines in Beijing, Guangdong Foshan and Kunshan, Jiangsu. Tetra Pak cartons of various capacities are available, and the maximum filling capacity of AB type is 7500 boxes/hour. American roof carton aseptic packaging machine, with a filling capacity of 4500 boxes/hour; French Baili bag, with a filling capacity of 80 bags/minute; Vertical bag beverage filling machine, made by Bosch in Germany, Toyo in Japan, printing in Japan, etc; Germany zupack carton forming filling sealing beverage hot filling line; German pkl adopts preformed cartons, including opening, filling and sealing. Filling capacity 6300 boxes/hour. The first three above are aseptic filling, and the last three are hot filling, which is cooled by spraying cold water after filling and sealing. The German zupack horizontal composite carton forming hot filling machine has been successfully developed and mass produced by Hefei General Machinery Institute and Nanjing No. 2 commercial machinery factory. After the introduction, digestion and absorption of carbonated beverage filling lines, the level of beverage equipment in China has been greatly improved, especially the filling production lines with a production capacity of more than 150 bottles (cans)/min can basically be supplied in complete sets. At present, Nanjing Light Industry Machinery Factory, Hefei Light Industry machinery factory and Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Factory have been able to provide glass bottles with a production capacity of up to 600 bottles/min and pop-up beverage or beer filling production lines with a production capacity of 600 cans/min, The main equipment includes semi-automatic destacking machine, can flushing machine (bottle washing machine), filling machine, can sealing machine (capping machine, capping machine), can warming machine (bottle warming machine), mixer, carton packaging machine and sterilizer. The filling capacity is as follows: number of filling machine/can sealing machine heads: 18/430/640/660/8 filling speed (can or bottle/minute): polyester bottle filling production line is basically common with glass bottle filling machine. After adjustment, it can be used for two purposes, The filling capacity is 250ml bottles and 24000 bottles/hour; 720 bottles/hour for 1250ml bottles

the level of small and medium-sized beverage filling production lines is not high, the complete set capacity is poor, and there are many manufacturers, mainly including the filling equipment manufacturers in Langfang Zhangjiagang, Jingjiang, Shanghai Fengxian, Huqiao, Haimen, Shenyang, Henan Xinxiang and Beijing. Most of them only provide bottle washing (can washing) and filling capping (can sealing) equipment. Langfang packaging equipment manufacturing company forms a group company with manufacturers of water treatment, refrigeration, saccharification, batching and pipeline systems to supply complete sets of beverage filling equipment

the bottled drinking water production line mainly includes bottle flushing, filling, sealing, as well as water treatment and disinfection equipment, which can be supplied in complete sets by Shandong Anqiu light machinery factory, Langfang packaging equipment manufacturing company, Zhangjiagang Meixing, etc

fruit juice beverage filling production line small and medium-sized non aerated beverage filling line includes glass bottle filling production line and cans filling production line, with a production capacity of 40 ~ 200 bottles (cans)/minute. Among them, fruit tea filling machines with low filling speed are the products of Baodi packaging factory. In recent years, piston quantitative filling machine manufacturers include Mingrui, Lehui and Huangyan Feiyun machinery factory. Anqiu light machinery factory is the designated factory of non aerated beverage filling machine of the former Ministry of light industry, with high processing precision, but it mainly produces glass bottle capping glass bottle filling equipment

the manufacturing plants of cans filling production line are all over Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Shantou and other manufacturing plants, with a production capacity of 4000 ~ 12000 cans/min. they mainly provide cans washing, filling and sealing equipment, and the complete set capacity is poor

concentrated fruit juice equipment in addition to the imported concentrated fruit juice production line, China has basically been able to produce concentrated fruit juice equipment. The first domestic fruit juice production line was born at the end of 1994. The user factory was Shandong Pingyuan fruit juice beverage company. At that time, the main equipment was horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge and falling film tube three effect evaporator, which used traditional methods to produce concentrated fruit juice. In addition to the falling film tube evaporator, the concentration equipment also includes the plate evaporator of Lanzhou Petrochemical Equipment Engineering Corporation. At present, 606 Institute has been able to provide a complete set of concentrated fruit juice equipment. At present, ultrafiltration devices for fruit juice clarification rely on imports. It is believed that in the near future, there will be domestic fruit juice ultrafiltration equipment with a high degree of automation

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