The world's first bat friendly lighting system is

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The world's first bat friendly lighting system was unveiled in the Netherlands

rare bats in the Dutch town zuidhoek Nieuwkoop can now carry out their night business without interference, thanks to the newly installed LED street lights, which are specially designed to emit light that does not affect the natural feeling and rhythm. These street lights come from signify (formerly known as "Philips Lighting")

it is reported that a year ago, signify announced the results of a study that showed that its Clearfield red LED street lamp, unlike traditional street lamps, would not affect bat behavior. The street lamp emits red light and uses a wavelength that will not interfere with the compass inside the bat

many bats6. With the increase of high and low temperature environmental experiments, bats have evolved to forage in an almost completely dark environment, and as a result, they often avoid white LEDs and light yellow sodium lights. Given that the city is full of these lights, the area where animals can hunt effectively is very limited. In addition, the insects that bats often prey on will be attracted by the light, attracting them to places that bats do not want to get close to

with this in mind, Philips Lighting conducted experiments in 2017, in which red, green and white LED lights were installed in extremely dark and undisturbed natural habitats. Red light combines the company's proprietary Clearfield technology, which was developed in cooperation with Wageningen University in the Netherlands and other non-governmental organizations

zuidhoek - and artificial errors - Nieuwkoop is the location of many rare animals and plants. The town and its surrounding areas are part of the entire European nature reserve, including breeding and nesting sites for rare and endangered bat species

nieuwkoop member Guus elkhuizen said, "Nieuwkoop is the first city in the world to use smart LED street lights, and its design is bat friendly." "When developing our unique housing plan, our goal is to make the project as sustainable as possible, while protecting our local bat species and minimizing the impact on their habitat."

"we have managed to do this and keep our carbon footprint and energy consumption to a minimum"

the municipal government has also installed the revised draft of s advertising law, which was submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for deliberation today. Ignify's interact City Intelligent interconnected lighting system. This lighting management system can remotely manage LED lighting points in near real time. Compared with high-pressure sodium street lamps, these lighting points can save up to 70% of energy. The system can remotely control each light point, so that the authorities can respond to the requirements of residents, increase or reduce the lighting brightness of the home, and can quickly improve the lighting brightness of the area to help emergency services

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