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According to statistics, the United States currently has 33000 commercial printing companies, 600000 employees, and its annual sales volume is about US $80billion. However, one of the characteristics of the U.S. printing industry is the large number of small enterprises. 23 of the 33000 commercial printing companies have less than 10 employees

at present, the whole printing industry in the United States is still dominated by offset printing. However, due to the rapid development of digital printing technology, the price of consumables is lower, and the product quality is continuously improved. In addition, the advantages of digital printing in the field of personalized printing and small batch printing, the overall printing in the United States is transformed into digital printing. It is predicted that by 2011, the market share of color digital printers in the United States will reach 25000, and that of black-and-white digital printers will reach 29000

the United States has strict requirements for the printing environment. In addition to offset printing and digital printing, flexo printing with green and environmental protection has been in good development in the United States. At present, flexo printing and rotary offset printing are dominant in high-quality prints, and flexo printing is also widely used in the production of packaging printing products

II. American book publishing industry

according to 2008, the United States has 2600 book publishing companies, publishing 150000 new books annually, with an annual turnover of about $30billion. Due to the small population and small demand in the United States, most books and periodicals are in low circulation. Only some large publishers and university publishers print and publish about 400 books on average, and the per capita turnover of the entire book publishing industry is US $300000 per year

generally speaking, the development of American book and magazine publishing industry is extremely uneven. 80% of the publishing market of the whole publishing industry is mainly concentrated in the hands of 50 large companies, and a more unique phenomenon is that among the 2600 book and magazine publishing companies in the United States, 80% of them are foreign companies or foreign companies holding shares. In the United States, large book publishers include McGraw Hill, Pearson PLC, John Wiley sons, and academic. Many of these large publishing companies are often part of some large media. For example, Harper Collins belongs to News Corp, random house belongs to bertel smann AG of Germany, and Simon Schuster belongs to CBS group

III. American newspaper industry

due to the rapid development of Internet, the American newspaper industry has been conservatively impacted in recent years. At present, there are 2000 newspaper publishing companies and 1400 newspapers in the United States, with an annual turnover of $50billion. Similar to book and magazine publishing companies, there are about 50 large companies in these enterprises, accounting for 80% of the entire U.S. market, and many of these newspaper publishers own TV stations and radio stations at the same time. For example, Gannett, MC latch, advance publications, Tribune Company, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc. are all large newspaper publishers in the United States

in terms of circulation, the total daily circulation of newspapers in the United States is 55million, but only a few newspapers have a daily circulation of more than 1million, and most have a circulation of about 50000. 70% of the revenue of newspaper publishers comes from advertising, and about 20% comes from subscriptions and newspaper outlets. Although the United States has a developed economic system, it still relies mainly on manual distribution in the field of newspapers. The per capita annual turnover of each newspaper industry is about 120000 US dollars

IV. American magazine industry

the United States is a country with a fairly developed periodical industry. The whole United States has about 1000 magazine companies, but it has created a turnover of $40billion a year, which is far higher than the average turnover of the publishing industry. Similar to the newspaper industry, the 28 principles of the American magazine industry are also obvious. Among the 1000 magazine companies, about 50 companies occupy 70% of the entire American market

although the magazine industry has a high turnover, the overall circulation is not optimistic. There are more than 10000 magazines in the United States, of which only more than 2000 have a certain circulation. National Geographic is a famous excellent journal in the United States, with a circulation of more than 2million. Due to the relatively small number of employees, American magazine manufacturers are at the same level as newspaper manufacturers in terms of personnel and per capita annual turnover, both of which are about $120000

v. direct service industry in the U.S. market

direct service is an extended service of DM Direct Mail and TransPromo bill marketing, as well as direct marketing involving TV, e-mail, Internet advertising strips and poster advertisements. As it is a new market, the annual turnover of the industry is far lower than that of the traditional printing industry. The annual turnover of 3700 market direct service companies in the United States is only $11billion, and the annual turnover per capita is $150000. Among these enterprises, about 50 large companies account for 46% of the marketing volume, but I believe that with the cultivation and maturity of the market, these data will change greatly in the next few years

VI. American paper industry

the happiest thing in 2008 is paper industry, and the saddest thing is paper industry. The sudden rise and fall of paper prices has made the global paper testing repeatability low industry companies want to find a reassurance. There are 4000 Paper Companies in the United States, with an annual turnover of US $160billion and an annual turnover of US $300000 per capita. Among them, there are about 50 large paper companies, with an average staff of 150, and an annual turnover of US $40million. These large paper companies, like the controlling shareholders, occupy 70% of the paper market in the United States

VII. American credit card industry

the United States is a country that relies on credit to maintain social operation. The 2008 global financial tsunami was also indirectly caused by the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States. However, the popularity of the credit system has also directly stimulated the prosperity of the American credit card industry. At present, there are 500 credit card manufacturers in the United States, with an annual turnover of US $10billion and an annual per capita turnover of US $225000. The United States has four large credit card manufacturers, including first data corporation, total system services, global payments, Bank of America s Ba merchant services, which account for 40% of the entire U.S. market

VIII. The proposal of the project of American printing is that Professor Med elmarakbi brushes the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry after ah2000.

this year, in the face of the financial crisis, the manufacturing industry of American printing machinery and equipment has been strongly impacted, among which small and medium-sized companies have suffered the most losses. In such a special environment, large printing equipment manufacturers can show their unique advantages in manufacturing and sales. For manufacturers of special equipment, due to the narrow field, they can also spend this winter safely

in the United States, there are 460 printing machinery and equipment manufacturing companies, including printing machine equipment companies, prepress equipment companies, post press binding companies, spare parts companies, etc., with a total annual sales of about $3.4 billion. Among these enterprises, about 50 companies account for 70% of the entire U.S. market, which is why they continue to maintain a good development momentum in the context of the economic crisis. These large equipment manufacturers are distributed in various fields. Printing machine equipment and prepress equipment companies account for 25% of the market, while post press equipment companies lag behind slightly, accounting for only 10%, and the remaining 15% are spare parts companies, which are also gradually expanding in the field of spare parts

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