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Development status of domestic flexible packaging market

first, foreign enterprises are accelerating their development in China, and state-owned enterprises are competing with them on a large scale.

world class printing enterprises are accelerating their development in China by absolutely holding shares, establishing wholly-owned production enterprises and holding companies, and merging and acquiring Chinese advantageous enterprises. Aware of the crisis and great opportunities, domestic color printing enterprises have also adopted various ways to expand the industrial scale and develop to the field of industry marginalization

for example, Alcan controls VAW (baobai is its subsidiary in China), baobai successfully acquired the third factory of Beijing trademark, and then successfully took over Sichuan Qingyang; Beiren Printing Machine merged Shaanxi printing machine as a whole; Shanghai Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd. has acquired Akiyama printing machine from Japan, and several enterprises have large procurement actions under way. Japan's Toyo and Germany's Henkel are also investing heavily in setting up production plants in Shanghai. Domestic leading enterprises such as Shanghai Zijiang and Lianyungang CICC are also expanding their industrial scale and establishing aircraft carriers. Invested 220million yuan in Chengdu Foshan Plastics Group to establish Chengdu Dongsheng; Zhongda Group invested 580million yuan to establish Sichuan Zhongda; Shuangliang Industrial Park will be built in Shuangliang, Jiangsu Province. Such a concentrated and high-density expansion has never been seen in the domestic flexible packaging industry, which will certainly improve the overall level of domestic flexible packaging enterprises and intensify competition at the same time

Second, pharmaceutical packaging materials have become a new focus of competition

in developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging accounts for 30% of the value of drugs, while China is less than 10%. Moreover, the investigation from the State Drug Administration shows that the overall level of China's drug packaging industry is not high and the grade is low. Experts predict that the next five years will be a period of rapid development for China's pharmaceutical packaging industry. Seeing the huge benefits, domestic enterprises have invested heavily in the construction of GMP workshops and entered the drug bag market. In the past two years alone, more than 15 GMP production workshops have been built, not including Jiangyin Shenda and Shanghai Zijiang drug package projects. In 2003, Wuxi Huanyu invested another US $26.8 million to build a pharmaceutical packaging material production enterprise with an annual output of 25000 tons. With the production of these powerful enterprise projects, it is bound to break the relatively stable market share of drug packaging materials for many years in the past two years, and will rapidly improve the overall production level of drug packaging materials in China

third, the application of networking technology makes flexible packaging enterprises enter the second venture

the soft plastic industry is a typical continuous processing enterprise, which has many unique features, such as the high level of production automation, some management, when the sample is broken, the parameters of closing the oil valve must be collected on site, inventory management, multiple batches, multiple units of measurement, etc. the general software system cannot be applied to the production management of the soft plastic industry. Hamada, Zidan and Shengke have done a lot of preliminary work in this regard to build a soft plastic enterprise management information network system, with the goal of establishing an agile supply chain system, implementing lean production methods, and establishing a comprehensive cost management system. The overall development strategy of the enterprise is not only to purchase software, but also includes the advanced management ideas and management models embodied in software and technology. Experimental force error: ± loading speed: Standard 2.4kn/s, upper and lower platen size: upper 100 Lower boundary dimension (mm): power supply power: 0.75kw (three groups of function and characteristic editing and experimental machines adopt the structure of double space and frame potential to provide a new management platform for soft plastic enterprises. Although it cannot be expected to completely solve the most prominent contradiction existing in China's current soft plastic enterprises - advanced automatic production equipment and backward production management methods, it provides a modern means.

IV. the promotion of environmental friendly adhesives has encountered great resistance

In the year of chaos, especially against the background of the impact of the spring tide of environmental protection, domestic flexible packaging enterprises, mainly dry compounding, have realized the urgency of change. Under the advocacy of foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises have made a lot of beneficial exploration on waterborne polyurethane adhesives and alcohol soluble polyurethane adhesives. However, due to the defects in the operability and use performance of water-based and alcohol soluble polyurethane adhesives, the promotion of environmental friendly adhesives has encountered great resistance. Waterborne polyurethane adhesives have not been accepted by the market, and the sales of alcohol soluble polyurethane adhesives in East China, North China and Northeast China have decreased significantly. Environmental friendly adhesive enterprises should change their strategies to make their products more suitable for China's equipment, market and management conditions. Low residue polyurethane adhesives launched by domestic enterprises continue to sell well, which also confirms the current acceptance level of flexible packaging enterprises. However, safety, health and environment are the general trend. Enterprises that seize this opportunity will gain great benefits. They cannot give up their efforts in this regard just from the silence of the current environmental protection adhesive. But at the same time, it also shows that after two years of exploration, Honeywell plans to increase the production of materials with low global warming potential in the next five years, color printing enterprises can treat and understand environmental protection more rationally and treat environmental protection more scientifically from the three aspects of "safety, health and environment" and in combination with their own conditions

v. flexible packaging enterprises urgently need professional instrument testing equipment and consumables suppliers

speed up the upgrading of plastic granulator technology. Flexible plastic packaging accounts for an increasing proportion in the packaging industry with its unique advantages, and its application fields are also expanding. Due to the complexity of structure and technology, many enterprises lack sufficient testing means, and many enterprises do not even have the minimum testing equipment. The quality control problem of flexible plastic packaging products is becoming more and more prominent. However, the price of imported quality testing equipment is high, and many enterprises are in a dilemma. With the sharp increase in the consumption of a large number of consumables such as roller washing liquid, scraper, lining cloth and so on, it has become an increasingly large black hole for color printing enterprises. The procurement consumption is huge. Many domestic color printing enterprises urgently need professional instrument testing and consumables suppliers to provide economic, practical and professional instrument testing equipment and consumables

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