The hottest fight against the epidemic, we are in

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Fight against the epidemic and work together in the same boat

extraordinary times, extraordinary missions, and extraordinary responsibilities. The whole country is in a critical period of fighting against the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia, but communication support and customer service cannot be stopped. In the face of the epidemic, the outbound call team of Shenzhen Telecom actively responded to the call of the state, launched the office at home (SoHo) mode, stuck to their posts during special periods to ensure that the work was carried out in an orderly manner, and the inconvenient loading and unloading of doors and covers met the needs of customers

at present, the epidemic is moving forward with innovation

as the front-line window of customer service, Shenzhen Telecom's outbound call team actively responds to the epidemic prevention and control, suspends the centralized outbound call between calls, and finds a new way to find new ways and means of outbound calls. During the war, the home call method is adopted, which not only avoids the risk of intensive office work in special periods, but also allows employees in different places to quickly arrive at their posts, resume production Go all out to the front line of customer service. The way of home call puts forward higher requirements for employees' computer equipment, broadband network and call system, but once the hardware problems are overcome, the way of home outbound call will be more flexible and better

stay at home and serve you

in the face of the epidemic, considering that customers may have business needs such as broadband, package and ITV, in order to solve the shortage of staff on the outbound call desk, when receiving the call of the war order, the marketing squad leaders set an example to join the call team, quickly mobilize the team members, work together to overcome the difficulties limited by computers, networks and office systems, and realize remote outbound calls at home, We strive to ensure that customers can also enjoy a full range of telecommunications services during the special period of staying at home

overcome difficulties and go to the front line

in order to fight the epidemic and realize the working mode of SOHO, everyone is united. After receiving the mobilization notice from the squad leader, Xiao Peng, a member of the squad, was unable to fight at the first time because the computer in his hometown was old and the monitor was damaged. He resolutely did a good job of protection, went to the street to find many electrical appliance stores, and finally found a store that was still in operation. Xiao Peng quickly bought a monitor and assembled it by himself, catching up with the assembled army

similar episodes also happened to many monitor and class members. In the past, there was a circle of monitor friends looking for headphones, and then a class member borrowed a computer from relatives and friends. The epidemic blocked the distance between us, but could not stop the truth of the caller

the epidemic situation is worrying, but life still needs to continue, the work does not close, the service is constantly on file, and we should seriously do our own work in our own field. In the special period of the national fight against the epidemic, based on our own safety and research and development team, we should be conscientious in our own post and forge ahead. It is the, mission and responsibility of every telecom caller

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