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On the morning of April 18, at the flexible packaging technology park on the West Bank of the Luoyuan Bay Strait, Weng Shengjin, chairman of the board of directors of Hong Kong Jingcheng International Holdings Group, said four "unexpected things" to governor Huang Xiaojing who came to visit: I didn't expect Luoyuan Bay to develop so rapidly

-- it's unexpected that leaders at all levels attach so much importance to and care about the development of enterprises

-- I didn't expect that the enterprise I invested in could become the largest flexible packaging enterprise in China in Luoyuan

-- I didn't expect Weng Shengjin to grow into the national "film king" in Luoyuan Bay

Mr. Weng's enterprise is Fujian times Packaging Co., Ltd. this company has settled in Luoyuan with the world's most advanced BOPP production line of 300million yuan. Since it was put into operation on May 20, 2006, it can create an output value of up to 2million yuan per day, and the annual output value can reach 600million yuan. Mr. Weng said proudly, "a production line is a money printer!" Such production capacity and scale make the enterprise the first in the same industry in China. Since the product is packaging film, Mr. Weng naturally becomes the "film king"

what do you mean by four consecutive "unexpected"? Such a grand investment is also resistant to high and low temperatures, which is generally difficult to design; Of course, it is impossible to invest without proof. What Mr. Weng wants to emphasize is that this investment is actually risky, otherwise, he will not say on many occasions that he was "cheated"

the experience of "being cheated" has to start with an investment promotion meeting held in a province in 2003. Mr. Weng said that at the investment promotion meeting, he met the leader of Luoyuan County who went to the investment promotion meeting to look for projects. The leader of Luoyuan County described to him the attractive port resource advantages and development prospects of Luoyuan Bay, which moved him. So he took the experts and assistants to Luoyuan, and the party rushed to Luoyuan Bay with heavy travel. "At first glance, I feel cheated - there is nothing here except fish chops, seafood and stones!" Weng Shengjin remembered the scene when he first walked into Luoyuan Bay. He said that after investigation and demonstration at that time, Luoyuan Bay was not an ideal investment location. "But the sincere and enthusiastic service of the leading cadres of Luoyuan county made us stay. To believe in them is to believe in the future of Luoyuan Bay!" Now, Mr. Weng is obviously proud of his successful "adventure"

Luoyuanwan is worthy of Mr. Weng's trust, because it has changed in just more than three years. There are docks, port dredging roads, water, electricity, industrial parks, complete facilities and smooth flow of goods. On this platform, his enterprise has gone smoothly, and has become the national leader all the way. Moreover, the development space behind is still broader

walked into the soft packaging park on the West Bank of the Strait in Luoyuan County, covering an area of 4 hectares after more than 10million cycles. Zhuzebin, general manager of Fujian times Packaging Co., Ltd., told that BOPP product is a kind of biaxial polypropylene multifunctional degradable packaging film, which has excellent properties such as non-toxic, safe and environmental protection. Due to its moderate price, wide application and excellent performance, it is known as the "Queen of packaging", and will comprehensively replace the internationally banned PVC film and sheet that will produce "dioxin" carcinogens. Last year, the domestic market demand for BOPP products was 2million tons. According to experts' prediction, this demand will also accelerate the cultivation and development of the high-molecular chain of the new material industry. Under the action of no external force, the high-molecular chain will naturally curl up at a rate of 20% per year, and the market prospect is very good. Zhu Zebin said, "in order to seize this opportunity, we are stepping up the equipment installation of the second phase of BOPP production line, which is expected to be completed within the year. After it is put into production, the company's annual output value will become 2billion."

"today's Luoyuan Bay is no longer a small fishing port in those days. I am full of confidence in the development of Luoyuan Bay. I also hope to make our enterprise the strongest and largest in the country with the great development of Luoyuan Bay." Weng Shengjin's words speak the common feelings of many entrepreneurs here about Luoyuan Bay

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