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Film processors adapt to the changing smart market

at the 2013 China international high performance film manufacturing technology exhibition held in Shanghai this month, protective film processors expressed their views on the current situation of the smart market. The general manager of a film supplier with a production plant in China (asked to remain anonymous) said: the big wave has reached its peak. This can be reflected in Apple's share price. He added: many manufacturers have already invested in the intelligent industry

he said: I must do my best to count the worst among the various competitive materials tested by Xiaomi 4 antenna partition strip. He added that he believed that there would be a new wave of innovation in Intelligent Technology in the future, and he waited to see what this would bring

Taiwan's innovative materials Co., Ltd. said that its business has changed significantly in the past few years. The company mainly produces multifunctional optical engineering films

80% of the previous businesses came from well-known brands in the global smart market. Now, more than half of its business is related to the intelligence of local brands in China, said Jonathan Huang, CEO of the company

the increase of the latest model on the display screen is good news, Huang said, but the company still hopes to explore new markets, including the semiconductor market

he said: we must spread risks

although some companies are not optimistic about the prospects of the smart touch screen protective case market, at least one manufacturer is optimistic. Benng, the product director of Xingyuan Enterprise Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, said: now everyone is using electronic products, so we believe that the market scale is huge

he said that the key reason why he was optimistic about the system reinstallation was that the company adopted a professional approach. The company, which was founded just a year ago, will launch a series of new products next month, including a patented non slip silicone protective sleeve and a protective sleeve containing antibacterial additives

at the two-day exhibition, he said that customers at home and abroad had ordered 10000 4disuit protective films

he said: if Apple sales decrease, what brand sales will increase? The answer is three through the combination of demand side pull and supply side push. It's really worrying if the usage decreases, but there is no such sign now

he added that the company plans to increase the production of protective films for tablet and computer displays in the future

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