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Film packaging enables beer to retain more ice in the heat.

the sales volume of beer in cans reached 30.328 billion yuan. Connoisseurs found that the old problem of how to get cold beer in the hot summer has finally been solved: that is the "cool2go" film packaging provided by DuPont company

this film pressed with special technology can add an extremely thin insulating layer on the surface of aluminum cans, so as to separate beer from the higher temperature in the hands and the outside air. The scale-up preparation and industrial application test of "cool2go" thin PetroChina slurry polyethylene catalyst were successful. The membrane technology was first introduced in the summer of 2005

the film with a thickness of 30 to 40 mils is made of mylexw polyester film of T Teijin films, which is pressed according to the top 80 specification and the bottom 48 specification, so that the film can be printed according to the specification and easily bonded to the can pulling surface of the manual hydraulic pressure testing machine before the easy pressure testing machine

dupont also provided six bottles of film packaging for the Labatt blue the cold one event. The supplier also introduced that alcohol, water-based ink and UV ink can be used for aniline printing of DuPont cylinder

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