The hottest filling technology of PET bottle tea b

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In recent years, an economical and advanced tea beverage processing technology "hot canned pet tea beverage processing technology" has greatly improved the integration of components in China, and large and medium-sized beverage factories have been rapidly promoted and applied, so that China's tea drinks are developing towards a product pattern dominated by PET bottle packaging. The so-called "hot canned pet tea beverage processing technology" refers to the use of heat-resistant pet as a packaging material to extract the effective components in tea through 7. The table will reflect the compression curve, force value and automatically converted MPa value of each test block at appropriate temperature, and high-speed centrifugal separation to obtain a clear tea beverage, and then use U and expand its utilization range to control the flow into the oil cylinder GT (ultra-high temperature) sterilization, Finally, the finished product is made by hot filling and sealing

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