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Film2014 Shanghai International functional film exhibition and optical film exhibition

the seventh China international high performance film industry exhibition 2014 [film Expo 2014] will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 7 to 9, 2014! Create the world's largest functional film industry technology exhibition

the 7th China international high performance film manufacturing technology exhibition time: May 7th, 2014 place: Shanghai New International Expo Center creates the world's largest functional film industry science and technology exhibition! [preface] welcome to the 7th China international high performance film manufacturing technology exhibition 2014, the world's largest functional film exhibition. Film Expo 2014 brings together R & D, production and processing products and technologies related to high performance films. It is recognized as the first functional film exhibition in the global industry, with a unique industry leadership position. We look forward to your participation! With the improvement of performance, high-performance films have been applied to various industries that need to replace cables in case of damage, such as flat panel displays, solar cells, rechargeable batteries, medical equipment, building materials, flexible panels, food packaging, lighting (LED, OLED) and other industries, and now they have attracted much attention. Film Expo 2014 not only provides the best technology and trade platform for manufacturers around the world, but also conveys to colleagues in the world the firm confidence in the rapid rise and sustainable development of China's high-performance film industry; [film Expo 2014 organization] organizer: China Plastics Processing Industry Association BOPET Special Committee Hong Kong expansion International Group Co., Ltd. organizer: Shanghai expansion cylinder seat exhibition planning Co., Ltd. [film Expo 2014 exhibition review] film Expo 2014 is the first professional exhibition of functional film industry in the world in 2010, and has been successfully held for six times in China so far, More than 1000 manufacturers from more than 60 countries and regions have been attracted to participate in the exhibition, including 3M China, SKC, nano, Toray film, AEE, Nippon synthetic film, Fujimori chemical, teiren, weichi, kaixinsen, Yuxing film, kangdexin, sidik, Dongshan film, far east new century, South Asia Plastic, Nitto electric, comprehensive research chemistry, Henkel, lindco, seeper chemical, nano chemical, huizhixing, Daxin Donghaiqing, PARKnSHOP film, dailing, Damei, general technology, Boyi Xincheng, Sanzhi, innovative materials, Xinfeng, Tongli optoelectronics, Lucky Film, foo plastic group, Fuwei film, foster, lanpucheng, Naiheng, jinhengsheng, Xiangyu film, Kewei film, PARKnSHOP film, Jinhai film, Hanyang new material, Deyuan enterprise, wefu, talun, Hechang electronics, Xianyi nano, baodijia, etc, As well as well-known equipment and instrument exhibitors: Fuji machinery, Toray engineering, youshunfa Co., Ltd., human and Technology (pnt), Atlas, Nakamoto, hagihara, Toshiba machinery, Jingyang Co., Ltd., Shaanxi beiren, Zhongshan Songde, Dayang Electromechanical, aerospace Huayang, Jiayuan, Rongchang machinery, Jiatuo automation, Kyushu Haode, protam, co-tec has developed into H, Maolong machinery, feixinda, hade mold covering an area of 620000 square meters Hartson, Zhongding high tech, fengri machinery, Furi machinery, Toshiba Neusoft, Daimei instrument, NDC, Davis standard, Dr. Schenk, Isla, ISOP, uvsmt, Nordson, American Fushen, eastmetz, bolite, opden, Yaguang machinery, Mitsubishi Electric, Lemmer, messes, webicon, Chuying technology, pelimiva, Haller, Liandong, Fengwei, Sino German roller, Davis standard, etc; [introduction to film Expo 2014 visitors] ※ focus on organizing film users ※ fpd/touch panel/3d panel manufacturers,/3c product manufacturers, rechargeable battery/solar cell manufacturers, electronic and electrical insulation material manufacturers, led/oled lighting manufacturers, food/medical/flexible plastic packaging manufacturers, automotive supplies manufacturers, etc. ※ Focus on organizing film manufacturers ※ film manufacturers, high-function material manufacturers, film secondary processing manufacturers, various functional film manufacturers, resin manufacturers, flexible device panel manufacturers, film processing agents, tape, labels, polyethylene manufacturers, etc; [film Expo 2014 exhibition scope] ※ high function film exhibition area ※ optical film, touch panel film, lithium-ion battery isolation film, protective film, electrolyte film fuel cell, semiconductor film, plastic substrate film, solar/rechargeable battery film, biodegradable plastic film, BOPP film, BOPA film, BOPET film, functional film coating, other functional films, etc. ※ Forming conversion secondary processing exhibition area ※ optical film coater, solar film, solar cell backplane precision coater, optical release film, release paper coater, slitting and slitting machine, laminating machine, inspection machine, rewinder, laboratory coater, printing equipment, drying equipment, UV irradiation device, corona processor, knife/cutting tools, die-cutting machine, surface treatment/hardening device, filter, extruder, wire drawing machine Mixer, agitator, roller/roll core, t-impression/expansion impression/multi-layer impression, proofing and cutting machine, conveyor belt/labor-saving machine, casting equipment, film pressing machine and other film processing technology check whether the power voltage connected to the experimental machine is normal; Technique, etc.; ※ Film inspection/measurement/analysis exhibition area ※ defect inspection system, reflection inspection device, bubble inspection system, heat shrinkage measurement system, thickness, hardness measurement system, other related equipment systems, etc.; ※ Functional materials exhibition area ※ r raw materials/additives, adhesive materials, laminated film/coating materials, other functional materials, etc.; ※ Dust free/electrostatic protection exhibition area ※ cleaning room system, dust-free cleaning rollers and brushes, electrostatic/anti-static products, dust-free cleaning equipment, air conditioning equipment, other clean dust-free products, etc; [film Expo 2014 schedule] registration and arrangement: standard booth arrangement time (9:00-21:00 on May 6) special booth arrangement time (13:30 on May 5 - 21:00 on May 6) Exhibition: (May 7, 2014, May 9) (9:00 a.m. and 17:00 a.m.) withdrawal: May 9, 2014 (15:00-21:00 p.m.) [film Expo 2014 exhibition expenses] standard booth ¥ 15800/9m2 (double opening plus 1000 yuan) Indoor light floor (from 36m2) ¥ 1500 yuan/m21 Standard booth configuration: provide three hoardings, a negotiation table, two chairs, Chinese and English lintels, two spotlights, one 220v/5a power socket, and the booth is covered with carpets;) Other additional expenses shall be borne by the exhibitor; The cost of empty space includes: 2 The indoor bare ground fee includes: exhibition venue, security services, booth cleaning services. For matters related to participation in exhibitions, conferences, advertisements and papers, please contact: [film Expo 2014 organizing committee office] address: 602 (200235), building 5, Wangzu City, Lane 251, Caoxi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai: Fax: E-mail: zjexpo5@: Contact: Zhang long

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