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A film changes the world in your and my eyes

open an experimental color TV, half of the display screen uses a layer of world-leading three-dimensional microstructure light diffusion film, with high brightness and clarity, and the effect is the same from any angle; The other half of the display screen uses a prism film with core technology mastered by American 3M company and a domestic diffusion film. The brightness and clarity are low, and the effect is very poor from the side

before the interview, Dr. Lu Zhijian, technical director of Danyang Boyu Technology Co., Ltd., first made an intuitive demonstration for. In more than a month, the "three-dimensional microstructure optical film" developed by him for many years will be put into large-scale production. For the first time, the dual functions of diffusion and focusing will be integrated into one film, breaking the technology of "two films" of American 3M company in the field of flat panel display for many years to keep clean (clean after finishing the experiment every time); Monopoly

in the winter of 2008, the once-in-50-year snow disaster and freezing ravaged the south of the Yangtze River. However, for Lu Zhijian, this winter is full of warm memories - after nearly 20 years away, he returned to his hometown Danyang again and will start a new life on this land

in the spring of 2009, the fierce attack of the global financial crisis made the world's confidence fall to the bottom, but Lu Zhijian's chest was filled with passion and vision - Huiyan Shibao, chairman of Jiangsu Zhongya glass fiber company, finally settled in Danyang and began to prepare for large-scale production

In 1979, at the age of 16, Lu Zhijian left Danyang and has been busy for 20 years. Although eager, Lu Zhijian has not been able to return to his hometown for a long time. In 2007, a chance made Lu Zhijian cm; I know that people from my hometown Danyang held a scientific and technological talents fair in the United States. With the purpose of meeting the villagers, Lu Zhijian attended the party, and it was at this party that "Bole" and "Qianlima" met. Danyang's policy of Introducing High-level returnees, a good environment for entrepreneurship and innovation, and the attention and sincerity of government leaders to high-level returnees... All attract Lu Zhijian like a "magnet", so that the seeds of returning to China and entrepreneurship that have long been sown in his heart begin to sprout and sprout

returning to Danyang from the United States, Lu Zhijian not only brought back his entrepreneurial enthusiasm, but also brought back a number of invention patents in the United States, one of which is the world's leading "three-dimensional microstructure optical film"

in order to improve the brightness and clarity of imaging, there have been two films in LCD for a long time, one is a prism film - used to realize the polymerization of light, and the other is a diffusion film - used to realize the diffusion of light. At present, the diffusion film has been produced on a large scale in China, but the core technology of prism film has always been in the hands of American 3M company. Therefore, as long as we use LCD, whether it is TV, computer or, we need to pay a high cost for American technology

in order to break the monopoly, Lu Zhijian finally developed the "three-dimensional microstructure optical film" with unremitting efforts. This is in the field of optical films, (for example, the clamp clamping surface of samples such as plastic film and fiber wire has successfully realized the dual functions of diffusion and focusing on one film for the first time. The overall thickness of the product has been reduced by half, but the efficiency has been improved by nearly 30%, and the production cost has been greatly reduced. This invention has not only reached the international leading level, but also is the world's first.

"Three dimensional microstructure light diffusion film is widely used in TV, desktop computer, notebook computer, LCD and LED products. It has the characteristics of wide field of vision, high haze, high brightness, strong design and low cost, breaking the monopoly and blockade of international advanced technology and reaching the international leading level." Lu Zhijian said that in recent years, the global LCD production center has accelerated to move to China, and China has become a large LCD production country. If the three-dimensional microstructure light diffusion film is applied to domestic LCD, it will be very beneficial for China to realize its dream of becoming a powerful LCD production country as soon as possible

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