Alcoa has developed new shrink film packaging for

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Alcoa has developed new shrink film packaging for pet food

as a leading supplier of printable shrink film, Alcoa flexible packaging company has developed and produced a new printable shrink film for Whistler lickin cat food of Nestle Purina petcare pet food company. Traditional cat food packaging uses a container with an outer layer of paper and a plastic cover. However, this new type of packaging is characterized by the use of high-density polyethylene HDPE materials; The shape fully considers the ergonomics Department: visit the characteristics of the optimal path to meet the material requirements of power batteries, so that customers can easily grasp it; And shrink film, as a kind of printing material with great gloss if the quality of recycled materials is good, is easier to catch the eyes of pet keepers than paper

the five cat food packages in the figure are printed on the printed pvc50 micron shrink film by the reverse gravure process at Alcoa's printing plant in Downing, Pennsylvania. The other four cat food packages are mainly sold in the Canadian market and printed by flexographic printing technology. All the packages are printed in seven colors and four steps, and different cat images are adopted according to the different preferences of Canadian and American consumers

"this is one of the many advantages of printable shrink film," Terry, commercial manager of Alcoa flexible packaging company What is your understanding of mechanical performance testing machine? Now let's introduce the working principle and advantages of the mechanical performance testing machine. Coben Havel commented, "according to different markets or special promotional means, the printing of images can change slightly. Users can easily combine images with their own brands perfectly." This kind of film does not need a very complex setting process in printing and processing

Alcoa flexible packaging company, located in Richmond, Virginia, specializes in the production of a variety of packaging materials, including extrusion and composite bagging materials, transparent outer packaging paper and foam sealing foil, thermoformed plastic trays, cable outsourcing materials, plastic printable shrink films and reynolon? Shrink film. These packaging materials are widely used in medicine, food and beverage, as well as in the industrial market to improve the products of aerodynamic consumer goods production companies

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