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Alcatel lucent successfully completed the 4G LTE public security demonstration

Alcatel lucent, in conjunction with NIST, demonstrated the priority and preemption functions based on standards for the national public security LTE network FIRSTNET

ctiforum on June 5 (Yu Xin): Alcatel lucent has successfully completed the demonstration of the application of 4G LTE network to American emergency services in recent days, that is, the priority and preemption technology based on standards

this work is carried out jointly with the public safety communication research (PSCR) program. PSCR is jointly implemented by the National Institute of standards and Technology (NIST) and the U.S. telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). It aims to coordinate the interoperability testing and standard setting of the national public safety LTE network created by FIRSTNET for the United States. This demonstration of priority and preemption functions is an important part of the development of public safety LTE network, which can provide smooth and priority UWB connection for early emergency rescue personnel at the scene of an emergency

this technology enables public security agencies to prioritize network access and bandwidth usage when rescuers arrive at the scene one after another according to the responsibilities of early emergency rescuers. For example, in the case of a fire that requires the response of multiple groups of staff, the on-site commander can obtain a higher priority, so that even if more and more first aid personnel arrive at the scene, they can ensure the uninterrupted real-time transmission of video signals. If necessary, users with higher priority can seize the session channel of users with lower priority to ensure that they can send or receive the required information at any time

the access priority and deployment access priority in the process of accident handling are recognized by FIRSTNET as important guiding principles for establishing a nationwide interoperable public safety network. The standard based priority function currently exists, but it has not yet been run in the commercial LTE network in the United States. This demonstration is an important milestone that the loading rate of the closed-loop automatic control system using negative feedback is stabilized at the preset value. It shows that FIRSTNET has the ability to deploy this key function to the national broadband network through the $7billion appropriation of the middle class tax relief and employment creation act 2012

this successful demonstration of many functions also highlights another fact, that is, priority and preemption functions can be effectively implemented. With the public-private partnership (PPP) of shared spectrum, emergency rescue personnel can obtain the appropriate bandwidth at any time and anywhere as needed

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a series of tests on the priority and pre occupancy functions of this demonstration are carried out through a complete end-to-end public safety LTE solution. The solution includes three elements: Alcatel Lucent's LTE wireless access, user data manager and IP mobile core

the priority and preemption function can prioritize the allocation of bandwidth for higher priority users, ensure smooth channels, and facilitate the sending and receiving of information

according to the law when FIRSTNET was founded, FIRSTNET is a self-sufficient institution, and public-private partnership should become an important pillar of FIRSTNET

Alcatel lucent is committed to providing standards based LTE solutions for public safety, and firmly believes that it is crucial to ensure that emergency rescue personnel receive unimpeded communication services during operations


WIM Brouwer, chief technology officer of Alcatel Lucent FIRSTNET team, said: through the successful demonstration of Alcatel Lucent's public security LTE solution based on the priority and preemption functions based on standards, we have taken a step towards a larger goal, that is, to provide the public security agencies with the important functions they need, as well as the interoperability with other LTE Systems. Alcatel lucent has always been committed to meeting the communication needs of emergency rescue personnel. The test of priority and preemption functions carried out in cooperation with NIST this time will become an important part of planning FIRSTNET network

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