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"Film box with cutting device" is popular in the market recently

a new film box with cutting device is popular in the market recently

this kind of film box is similar to the tape knife base used in office. The cylindrical film is sleeved through a rotating shaft. Jinan assaying tensile testing machine is a mechanical force adding testing machine used to test the mechanical properties of anisotropic materials marked by ear making rate, such as static load, tension, contraction, bending, shearing, peeling, etc. the film is stretched through the long seam on the box body, and there is a row of serrated notches at the front end of it. In this way, In the process of use, it can be easily cut off to produce a neat and suitable film

the film box is very suitable for household microwave heating and refrigerator fresh-keeping film. It can be reused by replacing the cylindrical membrane

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