Benefits and precautions of decoration in July

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Although it is the off-season of decoration now, many owners choose to decorate in this July. According to some old decoration masters in Wuhan, there are many benefits if you pay attention to relevant matters in summer decoration. Moreover, in order to raise orders, many decoration companies in the off-season decoration generally offer much cheaper decoration prices than in the peak decoration season, Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network summarizes some precautions for summer decoration

there are many decoration discounts in summer:

summer is the off-season of decoration. Many decoration companies usually do some promotional activities in order to win orders. At this time, owners should pay attention to which trustworthy decoration companies are doing promotional activities. They can make more comparisons and choose the decoration company with the highest cost performance. They must be able to save their decoration budget, or they can participate in some group decoration meetings, Collective decoration can certainly get greater profits

precautions for decoration in summer 1: pay attention to dampproof in construction

summer is a rainy season, and it rains in summer. Generally, there is heavy rainfall, which is fierce, causing a sharp increase in air humidity. Therefore, corresponding protective measures should be taken during the construction of summer decoration, so that the progress and quality of the decoration project will not be affected. The most important thing for construction in rainy season is to pay attention to dampproof. Recommended reading: what should we pay attention to in summer decoration

precautions for summer decoration II: safety first

one of the characteristics of summer decoration is that the temperature is high and the climate is dry, and there are many decoration materials on the decoration construction site, so this problem should be paid special attention to in summer decoration. Materials should be placed in a cool place to avoid fire caused by excessive temperature. This is responsible for the safety of people and property, which is particularly important and requires special attention

precautions 3 for decoration in summer: keep good indoor ventilation

as mentioned above, there is much rain in summer, and the air supermarket has low air pressure, so it is necessary to keep good indoor ventilation, which is not only conducive to the health of construction personnel, but also allows indoor decoration, such as walls, floors, etc., to dry as soon as possible

precautions for decoration in summer 4: do not let the cement get damp when paving bricks

when paving bricks on the ground in rainy days, it is best to cover the surface of the cement with kraft paper or plastic cloth, and try to keep it away from the water source to prevent it from forming blocks after being damp or soaked. However, the plastered cement will still be affected by the humidity of the air, which will slow down the setting speed. Therefore, after paving the floor tiles, you can't step on them immediately. You should set up a springboard to facilitate passage

precautions for decoration in summer 5: anti exposure

the decoration temperature in summer is high. The decoration board should be protected from the exposure of strong sunlight. Do not put the board and wood in the room with direct sunlight. The exposure of sunlight will accelerate the aging of the paint and glue of wood decoration

summer decoration precautions 6: wallpaper and paint should be naturally dried in the shade

the above are the benefits and precautions of summer decoration summarized by Xiaobian, which I hope will be helpful to you




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