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In the decoration budget, netizens should pay attention to the following aspects:

in the decoration budget, netizens should pay attention to the following aspects:

1 After the construction party issues the decoration budget, it is necessary to read it carefully to see if there is any inconsistency in the quotation or obvious overstatement of expenses. This is often encountered in the decoration budget, especially for novice decoration netizens who don't know much about decoration knowledge. They don't need to understand all of it, but they must pay attention to these obvious problems

2. In the budget, all material brand specifications, models, grades and processes should be explained in detail. As long as the purchased items within the budget are involved, the brand, model, market reference price, process, proportion and other detailed budget descriptions must be indicated. Otherwise, there will be potential hidden additions or stolen work and material changes in the later construction. Generally, it is recommended that the owner bring the drawings to the site for review and confirmation

3. In the separately indicated part of the budget, we must ask carefully why we should indicate it in this way, otherwise it is easy to have hidden additions

4. In terms of specific professional suggestions on the number and length of wires or water pipes, professional supervisors or acquaintances should be asked to avoid being cheated and wasting materials

5. In some specific building materials selection and construction charges, it is the easiest to be led by the construction party. You should first understand the building materials to be selected, surf the Internet or inquire from acquaintances. For many building materials, businesses will give many additional gifts, for example, it is best to use jointing agent for paving floor tiles. Generally, when buying bricks, businesses will give gifts, which should not appear on the budget

6. Attention should be paid to whether the construction materials selected are the same for the construction of the same variety during decoration, and there should be no different processes and materials in the living room, room or bathroom, especially the emulsion paint on the wall, and there should be no different materials. If it happens, ask the construction party for explanation in time, or consult the supervision expert, so that there will be no quality problems in the home decoration




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