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China's rail transit equipment was granted the first U.S. patent.

china CNR Corporation Limited (CNR) disclosed on the 17th that four patents it applied for were granted the U.S. patent, which is the first time that China's rail transit equipment industry has been granted the U.S. patent

the four patents granted by CNR in the United States are: coupler, coupler anti jump mechanism and lower locking pin body, double-sided coupler and coupler buffer device applied by CNR Qi rail equipment company; The passenger car rescue channel applied by CNR Tangshan Locomotive Co., Ltd. was the first to enter Japan; Comprehensive vehicle body test bench applied by CNR Sifang Research Institute Co., Ltd

the relevant person in charge of CNR said that the above patents are the technological innovation achievements of CNR in recent years, and are the key technologies in the rail transit equipment industry. The U.S. patent authorization also marks that the technological innovation of CNR has reached a new height

the person in charge said that actively applying for foreign patents can not only protect the R & D and innovation achievements of CNR in the world, but also help famous chemical manufacturers such as China DuPont, Cargill and BASF to enter this market through M & A and joint venture. CNR goes global and realizes technology export. This is also a necessary way for China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry to go global

it is known that CNR has formulated the development strategy from CNR internationalization to international CNR. In order to support this strategy, China north should attach great importance to foreign patent applications. As of december2012, CNR had applied for 90 foreign patents, ranking first in China's rail transit equipment industry

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