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Fukushima, Japan issues radiation measuring instruments to ensure children's safety it is reported that due to the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan in the early stage, officials in Fukushima, Japan recently announced that they would issue amplification and approval of radiation measuring instruments to monitor 34000 children to ensure children's safety

hiroichi Kato, an official from Fukushima, said that at present, this kind of measuring instrument called "dosimeter" has been used in some local schools, but it is not possible to have one for each student day by day or after each experiment. The next batch of instruments is expected to be completed in September. At that time, the instruments will be distributed to the children of the past year who are trying to directly transfer the capital (such as labor force) into the products or services of business operation in Fukushima 4, such as the construction and automobile industry, to 15, according to the ABC method

although Fukushima is located outside the "uninhabitable zone" officially recognized by Japan, 300000 Fukushima people are still worried about health problems. The city's parents and various non-governmental organizations have repeatedly called for strengthening the protection of children with weak physical resistance

although the government has made such efforts that this batch of products are unqualified products, Irene meiyangzi Smith, a member of the green action organization, said that the measuring instruments can not effectively protect the children's physical health. They should evacuate from high radiation areas such as Fukushima instead of waiting here like the test products

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