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Qumei solid wood furniture: small details hold the big scene

Qumei solid wood furniture: small details hold the big scene

September 6, 2011

[China paint information] people often use the word "Nordic furniture" to summarize all Nordic style furniture, and praise it as the ultimate of modern furniture, but this is a more targeted and huge market demand, which is not accurate. From the Kennedy election to the Copenhagen climate conference, Danish solid wood furniture has emerged in countless scenes. It can be seen that among the Scandinavian countries, Danish solid wood furniture is the best. Therefore, generally speaking, the Nordic furniture is more in line with the name of Danish furniture

Danish furniture witnessed history

there is no doubt that the 20th century was a turbulent century, and Denmark seems to have been deliberately forgotten. Even if it was close to the scene of the two world wars, it did not bring a prairie fire to Denmark, giving Danes time to constantly elaborate their own crafts. After World War II, Denmark emerged a large number of unique design ideas, which can be called the world's unique classic solid wood furniture, becoming the focus of numerous important occasions in the world, and thus known as the country of furniture design

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this may be the most famous historical moment about Danish furniture. The chair in the photo was later honored as theChair and has the title of "the most beautiful chair in the world". In English, this usage of the represents the unique things in the world, such as the universe, the earth, the sky, etc. it can be seen that this chair has a noble status in people's hearts. And the "theChair" in the photo, It was specially purchased by the television station to express its respect for the US presidential candidates and pay attention to the first television debate

as Mogens · falsig, the fifth generation successor of gounovenhi, said: "it will take 50 or 100 years to make a good furniture." "TheChair" has stood the test of time. Although it has been more than 60 years since the birth of "theChair". Today, this chair is still one of the most popular furniture. It constantly attends various major conferences and accompanies world celebrities to make decisions that affect the world and even the fate of the world

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this is a scene at the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference, which I believe many people still remember. Some sharp eyed viewers may have seen that these two chairs are almost identical to theChair Kennedy sat in. After more than half a century, "theChair" once again appeared on the occasion of determining the future destiny of mankind and the earth. In the film queen, a film about the development of rare earth industry, there is a classic dialogue: "Mr. Blair, you are my tenth prime minister, and my first prime minister is Churchill." In fact, this sentence can be applied to "theChair": "Copenhagen climate conference, I don't know how many times you have appeared in the occasion of changing the world. My first time was in the Kennedy election."

small details hold the big scene

compared with some furniture that wins with luxury, the Danish style furniture looks much more flat, without too much carving, and rarely uses extremely valuable wood. To be fair, Danish furniture looks ordinary. However, the extraordinary performance of Danish furniture in major conferences makes people suspicious and want to find out the secret of the success of Danish furniture. In fact, the secret is very simple. To paraphrase the popular saying, Danish furniture is a big scene with small details

there is a Nordic proverb: "God exists in details." Take as an example the representative of Danish style solid wood furniture, trame gurnofanch. With a history of more than 100 years, gurnofanxi furniture has been able to inherit six generations and become increasingly prosperous, which is the acme of this sentence. In 2000, after Qumei incorporated it into its banner, this spirit has been fully inherited and developed in Qumei gunovanchi

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Qumei The most famous process of Qumei solid wood furniture is the bending wood process. The so-called bending wood process is through a series of softening and processing of wood, which will eventually make the hard wood have a soft feeling around the fingers. The soft bending lines make the wood look in line with human engineering mechanics, making people very comfortable even if they sit for a long time. Therefore, the bending wood process has very high requirements for details. Sometimes even if there are no deviations observed by the naked eye in four factories in Europe, it may cause defects in the engineering mechanics of the furniture, seriously affecting the service life of the furniture and the use experience of consumers

of course, Qumei Goonofanch's pursuit of details is not only reflected in the overall shape. Like all high-quality Danish solid wood furniture, Qumei Gunovanchi has this "mellow" and smooth appearance. To achieve such a smooth appearance, it is impossible for machinery to achieve. Fine grinding can only be carried out by hand with ultra-fine Model 2000 sandpaper

it is this endless pursuit of details that makes Danish style solid wood furniture an indispensable "participant" in many important international occasions

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