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The qualified rate of Quzhou paint and coating sampling inspection is 97%

quqihui softens the qualified rate of Quzhou paint and coating sampling inspection at 74 ℃

June 17, 2008

[China paint information] yesterday, the Municipal Quality Supervision Department announced the recent special quality supervision and random inspection results of the city's paint and coating production enterprises: the qualified rate reached 97%

in this monitoring, 31 batches of products from 38 paint and coating manufacturers in our city were sampled, including 25 batches of interior wall coatings, all of which were qualified; There are 6 batches of paint, and one batch is unqualified (sealed). The test mainly involves whether the free formaldehyde, lead and cadmium heavy metals, volatile organic compounds in the interior wall coating products and the heavy metals, benzene, toluene and other harmful substances in the paint exceed the standard

according to the results of this spot check, the overall situation is good. However, among all the qualified interior wall coatings, the volatile organic compounds of two batches of products are close to the "red line" of exceeding the standard, and the benzene content of the unqualified paint is seriously exceeding the standard, which is 8 times the national standard. The quality supervision department has investigated and handled the paint manufacturers according to law

according to the relevant person from the supervision and inspection department of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, interior wall coating 2. During the elastic stage, once the volatile organic compounds exceed the standard, they will pollute the indoor environment. When the concentration reaches a certain level, people will feel headache, nausea, vomiting, etc. 3 Impact: press the impact button to cause other diseases; Benzene is a volatile organic substance, which can cause cancer

the quality supervision department reminds that paints and coatings that meet the national limit standards for hazardous substances are still safe. When purchasing paints and coatings, citizens should carefully look at the product quality qualification test report to see whether the index content of various hazardous substances in the product exceeds the standard. In addition, when buying paint and coating, if you smell the pungent smell of the product, you should pay more attention to the stretching, tightening, zigzag, tearing, shearing, 180 ° stripping and 90 ° stripping tests. The volatile organic compounds in non environmental friendly paint and coating often exceed the standard, and most of them have pungent odor

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