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On the afternoon of June 9, it was learned from Quzhou Municipal Bureau of quality supervision that from this month to late July, Quzhou Municipal Bureau of quality supervision will carry out special law enforcement actions for building materials products such as energy conservation and thermal insulation, building waterproofing, and coatings throughout the city

according to hehualin, leader of the inspection detachment of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, there are currently more than 20 such enterprises in Quzhou. From the bottom of the situation, these enterprises are generally small in scale and have uneven product quality. "We will carry out spot check on the products produced by these enterprises, urge relevant building materials manufacturers to ensure product quality, and prevent problematic building materials products from entering the construction engineering and building materials market from the production and processing links."

it is understood that the focus of this action inspection is the quality of Quzhou's energy-saving and thermal insulation, building waterproofing, coating and other products, the implementation of relevant standards can be seen everywhere for waste materials, and the quality management of production enterprises from raw material control, production process quality control, factory inspection, after-sales service and other products

if Quzhou citizens find problems in the use of energy-saving, thermal insulation and other materials produced by local enterprises, they can call the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision at 12365 to complain

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