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Inventory: seven focus areas of technological innovation in the printing industry

at present, technological innovation in the printing industry is mainly concentrated in the following seven areas: web printing, hybrid printing, B2 format digital printing, high-speed inkjet printing, online digital post press technology, offset online cold hot stamping technology and multi station hot stamping technology

network printing breaks through the space limitation

network printing is not a printing method, but a printing solution. With the support of network, printing enterprises can not only break through the space limitation, extend the tentacles of marketing to a broader field, provide customers with 24-hour uninterrupted services at low cost, automatically and efficiently, but also maximize the collection of scattered personalized needs from end consumers, Make it a useful supplement to existing business sources

in the supply market, there are many suppliers in this field, including Heidelberg, HP, Kodak, etc. In the application market, the number of printing enterprises involved in web printing is increasing, but it must be admitted that there are few winners. How to recognize the essence of web printing and establish enterprise automated prepress process and standardized operation specifications is still a long way to go

hybrid printing suitable for personalization

with the continuous expansion of traditional printing enterprises to the field of personalized printing and on-demand printing, and the deepening integration of digital printing technology and offset technology, the digital printing and offset printing technology came into being. This technology can realize the connection overprint of fixed information and variable information, give full play to the personalized advantages of offset printing in large quantities, low cost, high speed and digital printing, improve the production efficiency and product added value of enterprises, and bring the effect of 1+1 2 to enterprises

this technology has been introduced for a long time, but it is not mature at the initial stage. The pressing roller point of reverse bending and positive bending is at the same point. It was not changed until the drupa exhibition last year. Kodak, gaobao and other companies have solutions, and the technology development is becoming more and more mature. There are medical grade materials used in equipment and instruments. From the application level, the application of hybrid printing technology is more common in foreign countries, but it is not common in China. Believe not 3. Electromechanical: the excellent electronic universal experimental motor adopts the exchange servo speed regulation system, and the Panasonic exchange servo electromechanical function remains unchanged. The transformer experiment has the protection installation of overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, etc. with the increasing personalized needs of people, the hybrid printing technology will bring more innovative product forms, and its market will expand day by day, bringing more benefits to enterprises

b2 format digital printing has great potential

format has always been one of the factors that restrict the wide application of digital printing. However, at the drupa exhibition last year, B2 format digital printing technology was brilliant, which not only increased the width of the digital printing machine, improved the productivity, but also enhanced the printing capacity on a variety of substrates, so that the tentacles of digital printing can be extended to a broader field of packaging and printing

at present, there are many equipment manufacturers in this field, including HP, Fujifilm, etc. in China, Tiger color and Dongguan CTPs have also introduced B2 format printing machines. B2 format digital printing equipment will certainly contribute to the growth of digital printing in the next few years

the world is in high-speed inkjet printing

high speed inkjet printing technology has achieved great success in both principle and commercial application in recent years, especially at the drupa exhibition last year, someone even expressed the exclamation that the world is in jet. From the perspective of supply market, not only HP, Kodak, screen and other international suppliers have launched mature equipment, but also founder, the leader of domestic digital technology, has launched relatively mature equipment. In terms of application, domestic high-speed inkjet printing technology has been applied in reality. Printing enterprises such as Henan Xinhua, Hucai and Beijing Capital printing have begun to use this technology to carry out on-demand publishing business. It is believed that in the future, this technology will definitely bring about the deep fission and integration of the business landscape among industries

wired digital post press technology creates differentiated advantages

wired digital post press technology refers to the technology that accepts the JDF standard file format, can share print data with prepress and printing processing links, and complete various post press processing processes of short version and personalized live parts. At present, the on-line post press equipment in the market is relatively mature and has high compatibility, and may even realize the combined production between different brand equipment. For example, haole hsb8000 horseback binding line and MBO folding function are perfectly connected, and the direct connection between digital printers of different brands and post press equipment is more common. At the application level, Phoenix media and Shandong Rizhao have application cases. The future development trend of post press equipment must be it, high efficiency and variability, and wired digital post press technology is the best embodiment of this trend

offset online cold stamping technology is not a new technology, but in recent years, this technology has solved the problem of low utilization rate and high cost of cold foil, which originally restricted its development. It can perfectly integrate cold stamping and glue, which are 22% less than the same length of all glass fiber materials (figure 2), and realize the cold stamping effect of high-quality high-speed offset printing and unique surface finishing. At present, Heidelberg, Manroland and and other offset press giants have mature solutions. Tiger color, Jiangsu bump color printing factory and other enterprises have taken the lead in introducing this technology to produce packaging products with high added value

energy efficient multi station hot stamping technology

multi station hot stamping refers to an innovative technology that can complete two or more hot stamping processes in one operation. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it can complete the production tasks that previously required several single station hot stamping machines in one operation on one equipment. It not only reduces energy consumption, but also improves efficiency

(the author is the executive deputy director of China Institute of Printing Science and Technology)

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