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At the end of the year, the building automation industry developed rapidly in 2009. For the non-standard problems in design, construction, commissioning, acceptance and operation management in the industry, the industry has begun to pay attention to and formulate standards; China Refrigeration Exhibition, with the highest participation of building automation manufacturers, was held in Guangzhou... These "big events" that affect the development of the building control industry make the industry more exciting. Now let's take stock of them one by one:

the largest building control related exhibition of the year - China Refrigeration Exhibition

there has been no special industry exhibition in the building automation industry, and manufacturers can only participate in some marginal exhibitions. China Refrigeration Exhibition has attracted the participation of many building automation manufacturers in the intelligent building industry at home and abroad, and has become one of the important exhibitions in the building control industry. At 10 a.m. on April 5, "the 20th International Exhibition of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, ventilation and food freezing processing" was grandly opened, and many famous experts and scholars in the industry were present to witness this industry event. Honeywell, Siemens Building Technology, Tongfang Taide, KTC automatic control system (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Yamamoto, Japan and other building automation manufacturers participated

annual industry concern event - Preparation of technical specifications for building equipment monitoring system

looking back on the application history of building automation system (BA system or building equipment monitoring system) in China, over the years, new concepts and technologies have emerged in endlessly, and building automation system in China has been widely used. However, the actual situation is not very ideal. There are nonstandard behaviors in all links of building automation system engineering from design, construction, commissioning, acceptance to operation management, so that few systems are effectively put into operation and play a role in equipment management. Although the current "intelligent building design standard" and "intelligent building engineering quality acceptance code" have certain provisions, but either they are not targeted or too principled, and their operability in project implementation is limited. Therefore, it is a very valuable work to compile the "engineering technical specification for building equipment monitoring system" to standardize the whole life process of building automation system

annual industry market potential - energy saving transformation

the building automation industry is developing rapidly, the technology is changing with each passing day, and the products of domestic and foreign manufacturers are also becoming more and more mature. With the continuous deepening of urban construction, the number of new buildings is gradually reduced, and instead, the reconstruction of old buildings is gradually put on the agenda. Due to various reasons at that time, old buildings were not equipped with building automation systems, Or the building automation system is not running well enough. This has also brought opportunities to various building automation manufacturers. The energy-saving transformation market has become a must for building automation manufacturers

annual industry association measures - BACnet China Association will announce the establishment of

BACnet China Association should give full play to its advantages, and first of all, promote and implement two main tasks: on the one hand, promote the international exchange of BACnet technology, introduce and introduce the international most advanced intelligent building automation technology standards and optimized applications, and promote the healthy development and growth of China's construction automation industry market. BACnet China Association will provide comprehensive services to all manufacturers, distributors, system integrators, design institutes, end users and professionals interested in the promotion and application of BACnet technology in China

annual industry event - the 10th China International Building Intelligence Summit

the 10th China International Building Intelligence Summit will be held in Shanghai and Guangzhou, and the Shanghai summit has successfully concluded with a year-on-year decrease of more than 20%. Guangzhou railway station will be grandly opened in China Hotel on December 10, 2009, which is the 10th high-end event in the industry. It also announced that the China International Building Intelligence Summit, founded in Guangzhou in 2000, is leaving for the time being. The design of Yangcheng multi laboratory machine host and auxiliary equipment integrates the brilliant return of our company's advanced technology after the year. As an important part of this summit, the "2009 China intelligent building brand award ceremony" will be held on the morning of December 11. By then, the top ten building automation brands will be announced

from the above major events of industry exhibitions, market potential, associations and standards, we can see that the building automation industry is working towards a more prepared market positioning, a more mature standard system and a better industry atmosphere, which provide a guarantee for the good development of the industry in the future. 2009 is an extraordinary year. Although the economic crisis has brought some impacts to various industries, it is necessary to attach large punctuation elongation devices. We are also pleased to see that the building automation industry in 2009 has been able to face it maturely. In 2009, the building control industry was brilliant, and in 2010, the building control industry will be even more dazzling and should be adjusted or cleaned

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