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It is the end of the year to review the major events in the energy equipment industry in 2011. 2011, which is about to pass, is the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan. The energy equipment manufacturing industry has stood at a new historical starting point and entered a critical stage from big to strong. It has become a consensus in the industry that China's equipment manufacturing industry must move towards high technology, high quality and high added value

at the same time, the development idea is becoming clearer. The development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry must not be divorced from the foundation of the existing equipment manufacturing industry, and a new industrial system must be combined with the transformation and upgrading of the traditional equipment manufacturing industry. We should attach importance to the integration of emerging technologies and traditional industries without departing from the existing equipment manufacturing industry

focusing on the main line of high-end development, over the past year, many major breakthroughs and phased achievements have emerged in the fields of power equipment, coal machinery equipment, oil and gas equipment, new energy equipment and so on. However, as Zhang Guobao, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, said, our equipment manufacturing industry still suffers from heart disease and neuropathy, that is, it lacks core technology and key parts are controlled by others. This will take a few years, or even longer, to change

this issue will sort out the major events and gains and losses of the energy equipment industry in the past year, and draw successful experience and strength for moving forward


localization of three key equipment of natural gas long-distance pipeline

in early December, the first domestic 20 MW electric drive compressor unit of natural gas long-distance pipeline produced by Shenyang Blower Group Co., Ltd. was officially loaded and delivered and passed the acceptance of the national expert review group. The localization of this key equipment is a major breakthrough in the design and manufacturing technology of large-scale centrifugal compressors in China and fills the domestic gap, The foreign monopoly of such products has been broken. In addition to the previously successfully developed 30 MW fuel driven compressor unit and high-pressure large-diameter all welded ball valve, the three key equipment of China's long-distance natural gas pipeline have all been localized, and the main technical indicators have reached the international advanced level

large long-distance pipeline electric drive compressor unit is the key core equipment of natural gas pipeline power supply station for compression and transmission of natural gas. It is the heart of the whole supply station. It is one of the breakthroughs in the localization of major equipment in China. It is known by the industry as the "two bombs and one star" in the field of natural gas industry. For a long time, only Ge in the United States, RORO in the United Kingdom and Siemens in Germany have been able to design, manufacture and assemble

in the joint research and development of the first 20 MW long-distance pipeline electric drive compressor, China has also achieved more than 30 independent innovation achievements, such as the model level of high-efficiency pipeline compressor, which has laid the foundation for the promotion and development of domestic large compressors and ultra-high speed then motors in the future


previously, China's 20 MW long-distance pipeline electric drive compressor units have long relied on imports. Relying on the west to east gas transmission project, in November 2009, Shengu group, the general complete set unit of electric drive compressor units for long-distance oil and natural gas pipelines, and Shanghai Electric Machinery Factory, Shanghai radio and television electric company, Harbin Electric Power Group and Anshan Rongxin Power Electronics Co., Ltd. jointly launched research and development. After two and a half years of difficult research, the development task of the first unit was completed on schedule. The three major components of large-scale long-distance pipeline compressor, high-power frequency converter and ultra-high speed direct coupled motor passed the national appraisal respectively, and the last 72 hour full speed joint commissioning test was successfully completed on December 6. It can be said that without the west east gas transmission project, the localization of key equipment of the long-distance natural gas pipeline will be delayed for many years

20 MW long-distance pipeline electric drive compressor unit, 30 MW gas drive compressor unit, high-pressure large-diameter all welded ball valve and other key equipment development process of natural gas long-distance pipeline, which embodies two important experiences of energy equipment localization: first, fully rely on major projects to speed up the user LED equipment localization process. Second, adhere to independent innovation, especially original independent innovation


offshore oil 981 deepwater semi submersible drilling platform was successfully delivered

on May 23, the dock of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. at the estuary of the Yangtze River. The 3000 meter deep-water semi submersible drilling platform offshore oil 981, a landmark project of China's offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry and one of the major national science and technology special landmark equipment, was successfully delivered to China National Offshore Oil Corporation. This marks that China's offshore oil exploration and production has officially entered the 3000 meter deep sea from the 300 meter shallow sea. The offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry has achieved a high-end breakthrough, and the long-standing gap in the field of ultra large equipment for deep-water drilling has finally been filled

one day later, on May 24, the offshore oil 201 deepwater pipe laying crane ship, built by Rongsheng heavy industry and with 3000 meter deepwater pipe laying capacity and 4000 ton heavy lifting capacity, was officially named and ready for trial voyage

offshore oil 201, together with offshore oil 981 and other equipment, has made China one of the world's 3000 meter deep-water oil and gas development clubs. In order to advance to the deep water, CNOOC vigorously promoted the strategy of "five types and six ships", that is, it plans to build five types and six deep-sea engineering equipment that can work in the water depth of 3000 meters, forming a joint fleet of China's deep-sea oil and gas development. The type 5 and 6 ships are independently developed by China and will be delivered successively from this year


China has rich marine oil and gas resources to be developed, most of which are distributed in the deep sea below 3000 meters. Due to the limitations of technology and equipment, China's marine oil and gas development is mainly concentrated in shallow sea areas such as the continental shelf with a water depth of only a few hundred meters

deep sea strategy, equipment first. At present, China's marine engineering equipment has not formed a relatively complete research and development system, nor a perfect engineering equipment industry chain. China's marine engineering equipment, especially deep-water equipment, needs to make key breakthroughs in two weak links: the first is the field of design. European and American enterprises occupy a monopoly position in design, and domestic enterprises have no say. The second is the field of supporting equipment. At present, the localization rate of supporting equipment of marine engineering equipment in China is very low, more than 70% of which need to be imported every year, and the supporting rate of key equipment is less than 5%


breakthroughs have been made in the connection of high-end transformers

in early December, the prototype of the highest voltage and maximum capacity 1.5 million KVA/1000 kV single-phase UHV AC transformer with completely independent intellectual property rights and core technology, which was independently developed by Tianwei baobian (Qinhuangdao) Transformer Co., Ltd., successfully passed the examination of all test projects, and its main technical performance indicators reached the international leading level

the capacity of this product is 50% higher than that of the 1 million KVA UHV AC transformer used in the 1000 kV UHV project, the first UHV project put into commercial operation in the world. It is the transformer with the highest voltage and the largest capacity in the world at present. The successful development of this huge transformer has epoch-making significance for long-distance UHV power transmission and reduction of power loss

previously, on May 31, the first converter transformer of Qinghai Tibet 400 kV DC link project passed various tests at China XD. This is the three winding converter transformer with the highest altitude and the highest valve side voltage in the world. Its technical performance has reached the world's advanced level, marking a new stage in the development of domestic converter transformers

on July 8, 1700 kV high-voltage transformers were successfully offline at the TBEA base in Changji, Xinjiang. This is the UHV experimental transformer with the highest voltage level in the world at present, which also means that the independent research and development ability and detection means of China's high-end power transmission and transformation equipment have reached the world leading level

on October 10, the first 28000 KVA dry-type transformer with the highest capacity in China passed all tests at one time, and was successfully offline in Tianjin TBEA Transformer Co., Ltd. and sent to users. This is another industry record after the successful development of 26248 KVA transformer products


the equipment manufacturing industry is developing to the high end, and the transformer industry is a successful case. Compared with the internationally famous transformer manufacturing enterprises, domestic transformer enterprises can basically compete in the technical level, which means that the domestic high-end transformer industry has the potential for international expansion, and leading enterprises such as TBEA, Tianwei baobian, Xidian West substation are gradually maturing and growing

the reason for its success is that relying on the construction of a series of major projects such as the Qinghai Tibet joint venture and UHV, various resources and forces are fully mobilized to form a normal equipment development system composed of expert committees, scientific research, design, manufacturing, testing, construction, operation units and colleges and Universities. Breaking the technical barriers between owners and manufacturers, manufacturers and manufacturers, and concentrating on open innovation are important factors

some experts believe that the joint innovation mode of industry university research and application formed in the process of equipment development, which relies on engineering, owner led, expert consultation, quality and technology control in the whole process, is of great significance for promotion


the world's largest power shearer came out

at the 14th China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and equipment exhibition held on October 28 and 31, the newly developed world's largest power 3000 KW electric traction shearer exhibited by Taizhong coal mining machinery and taikuang attracted great interest from the participants

this fully mechanized mining equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights can mine 7.2 meters of coal seam underground and produce 4500 tons of coal per hour. Its technical performance has reached the world advanced level, and its price is only 2/3 of that of similar imported equipment. The shearer is developed for the geological structure of medium hard thick coal seams. Its technical performance is more advanced than that of the 2500 kW shearer. Its structure is more reasonable and its reliability is higher. It can meet the requirements of mining 7 meters thick coal seams at one time and producing 10 million tons of raw coal per well

previously, the complete scraper conveying equipment with an annual output of 12million tons developed by Ningxia Tiandi Benniu Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was successfully rolled off the production line. After the on-site inspection organized by experts, the China Coal Industry Association believes that this equipment fills the domestic gap, ranks at the international leading level, and is the world's first complete set of fully mechanized conveying equipment with a mining height of up to 7 meters at one time


the R & D capacity of three machines and one machine (roadheader, shearer, scraper conveyor and hydraulic support) collectively represents the level of fully mechanized coal mining equipment. The research and development of the world's largest power shearer and a complete set of conveying equipment with an annual output of 12million tons of fully mechanized coal mining indicate, to a certain extent, that China's R & D and manufacturing capacity of coal mining equipment has been significantly improved. However, it is regrettable that the core components such as the electronic control system of the hydraulic support have not yet been fully autonomous

intelligent equipment is one of the five directions of high-end equipment manufacturing, and it is the focus of future development. According to the plan, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the level of manufacturing process intelligence in key areas should be significantly improved, and the domestic market share of intelligent equipment will reach 30% by 2020. The development path of intelligence will accelerate the localization of core components such as the electric control system of hydraulic support


the world's first AP1000 nuclear power plant pressurizer lower head was successfully manufactured

on March 12, the shipping ceremony of the world's first AP1000 nuclear power plant Sanmen Nuclear Power Unit 1 pressurizer lower head developed by China National Heavy Industry Corporation was solemnly held at the world's first-class cast and forged steel base in Fularji, Qiqihar, which is located on the border of northern China. China Yizhong

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