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Inventory: foreign investment in construction machinery industry

inventory: foreign investment in construction machinery industry

China Construction machinery information

Guide: after years of rapid development, China's equipment manufacturing industry has formed an output value of about 20 trillion yuan, and has entered the top four major countries in the world's equipment industry. Foreign direct investment and technological exchange have played a crucial role in promoting it. With the reform and opening up, foreign equipment manufacturing enterprises

after years of rapid development, China's equipment manufacturing industry has formed an output scale of about 20 trillion yuan, and has entered the top four of the world's major equipment industry countries. Foreign direct investment and technological exchange have played a crucial role in promoting it

with the reform and opening up, foreign equipment manufacturing enterprises have successively entered China for investment layout and development. From the establishment of a sales representative office in China to the opening of branches and investment in the construction of factories, foreign investors have taken a variety of ways, such as sole proprietorship, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, to participate in the development tide and market competition of the domestic equipment manufacturing industry. Through the follow-up study of the construction machinery industry and machine tool industry, in the past three decades, foreign equipment manufacturing enterprises' investment and development in China have shown three characteristics and trends:

the pace of international equipment enterprises entering the Chinese market has accelerated

as early as the late 1970s, some international equipment leading enterprises have sensitively explored the potential development prospects after China's reform and have begun to layout China. In 1978, caterpillar opened an office in Beijing, which can be said to be the earliest test of the international construction machinery industry during China's reform and opening-up period. After that, in 1980, Komatsu also opened a Beijing office. Compared with machine tools, heavy machinery, shipbuilding, electrical appliances, instrumentation, aviation, rail transit equipment and other industries, international giants in the construction machinery and automotive industry (such as Volkswagen) boldly and rapidly invested and deployed in the early stage of reform and opening up, which also laid a solid foundation for these industries to share more of the cake of China's market growth in the later stage

however, before 1990, the entry mode of foreign-funded equipment enterprises only stayed at the level of opening offices, liaison offices and sales points. On the one hand, they were still cautious about China's industrial development, and more importantly, the development level of domestic manufacturing industry was still very primitive. The incoming processing industry and urbanization construction in the eastern coast do not need the support of many sophisticated equipment and technology. General processing equipment and semi-automatic operation machine BMW can meet most of the requirements by taking the above measures

after 1990, the direct investment of foreign equipment enterprises began to accelerate significantly, which was reflected not only in the FDI data of the same period, but also in the layout of the top 50 international construction machinery. From 1994 to 2000, caterpillar established subsidiaries in Xuzhou, Beijing and Tianjin respectively in the departments of construction machinery assembly, parts and components and investment; In 1995, Komatsu established a subsidiary of construction machinery and foundry and a joint venture with Shantui in Changzhou and Jining at the same time; In 1991, Terex Nanfang road machinery (Quanzhou) mobile crushing equipment Co., Ltd. was established. By 1995, Terex Norr lifting equipment (China) Co., Ltd. was established in Xiamen, Fujian Province; In 1995, Xuzhou Liebherr Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. was established; In 1995, Hitachi construction machinery (China) Co., Ltd. was established in Hefei, Anhui Province; In 1994, Sumitomo heavy machinery reducer (China) Co., Ltd. was established... The international machine tool enterprises in the same period were much quieter. Only a few enterprises, such as Yamazaki Mazak in Japan, Schuler in Germany, Toyama invico in Japan, hating in the United States, Siemens in Germany and so on, established branches, and the proportion of investment and construction of manufacturing departments was also small

since entering the new century, under the competitive pressure of the rapid development and progress of China's equipment peers, international equipment giants have begun to choose more powerful and competitive entry strategies. Taking the construction machinery industry as an example, the case of Carlyle Investment Group's acquisition of XCMG in 2005 was a sensation. Although Carlyle finally acquired only 40% of XCMG's equity, Atlas, caterpillar, Bosch, Siemens and other international giants have penetrated into more equipment industry segments by means of various mergers and acquisitions in the past decade: in 2003, Shenyang rock drilling machinery company signed a joint venture agreement with Atlas Copco of Sweden, the world's largest rock drilling machinery manufacturer, dividing Shenyang rock drilling machinery company into three, The former Shenyang rock drilling machinery company has basically become an empty shell. In April, 2005, American caterpillar company officially acquired 40% of the equity of Shandong Shangong Machinery Co., Ltd., incorporated it into its own production and operation system, and transformed the company

and the layout of foreign-funded machine tool enterprises has also begun to deepen. Foreign famous machine tool enterprises such as DMG, GFAC, Mazak, Makino, Haas and so on have not met the mode of joint venture and cooperative production, and have established wholly-owned factories in China to produce machine tools suitable for the needs of the Chinese market. With the Rockwell hardness test using 120 ° diamond cone and 1.587mm, 3.175mm steel ball indenters, on October 18, 2011, Yamazaki Mazak machine tool (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. started construction in Jinzhou, Dalian. Yamazaki Mazak has two factories in China, including Ningxia Little Giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd., and has also established technical centers in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dalian

eastern coastal cities are the first choice for foreign equipment enterprises.

similar to the situation that the domestic processing and manufacturing industry has been concentrated in the eastern coastal areas since the reform and opening up, the investment focus of foreign equipment manufacturing industry in China is also concentrated in the eastern coastal areas of China. Through sorting out the geographical distribution of the global top 50 construction machinery industry and machine tool industry in China, we can see that more than 87% of the investment initiatives of foreign-funded enterprises in the above fields, such as opening offices, establishing branches and building factories, are concentrated in the eastern provinces and cities. Among them, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning and Shandong are the preferred investment destinations for foreign-funded equipment enterprises. Sichuan, Henan, Anhui and other few provinces in the central and western regions have undertaken the start-up and construction projects of foreign equipment leaders

industrial supporting environment and market radiation capacity are the key to the investment choice of foreign equipment enterprises

under the background of the rising labor cost in China, especially in coastal areas, it is not difficult to see from the cases of Chongqing, Sichuan and other central and western provinces that have made outstanding achievements in attracting foreign capital in recent years that with the irreversible rise of China's labor cost, foreign investors will pay more attention to China's market demand, industrial supporting environment and other factors, Market radiation capacity and comprehensive investment and construction cost become key conditions

in general, the utilization of foreign capital and technology introduction in China's equipment manufacturing industry have played a positive role in the development of the industry, such as 1.2*2*0.7 meters of PP. in the past three decades, it has not only increased the total investment and expanded the industrial scale, but also the demonstration effect of foreign-funded enterprises or joint ventures on the same industry, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, management experience and excellent entrepreneurs, It also forces domestic enterprises to improve their R & D capabilities and market development capabilities to adapt to competition, and finally greatly improves the competitiveness of domestic enterprises. Therefore, the rational and effective use of foreign capital and the continued and orderly expansion of the external development of the equipment manufacturing industry are conducive to the upgrading and development of the industry, and will also be a long-term industrial encouragement and guidance direction of our country

the track of investment and development of foreign-funded equipment manufacturing enterprises in China is a gradual expansion and in-depth process, which also reflects the law of the continuous deepening of China's industrialization process in various periods after the reform and opening up. At present, the expansion of foreign equipment industry investors' investment in China in the field of advanced large-scale construction machinery, industrial robots, CNC machine tools and other intelligent manufacturing equipment also reminds domestic equipment enterprises that the current competitive pattern of China's local equipment market is accelerating evolution and transformation, and competition and opportunities coexist. In fact, after 30 years of industrialization, the market of China's equipment manufacturing industry has just opened. Equipment enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry and Zoomlion Heavy Industry, which have grown dozens of times in size in the past decade, are only the first beneficiaries. In the future, who can better grasp the process and characteristics of the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and the promotion characteristics of China's industrialization and urbanization is more likely to become an industry leader

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