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Take stock of five sweeping robots that can go out on holiday.


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double section is coming. I believe many friends are planning where to have fun. In 2013, when the pace of work is getting faster and faster, it is not easy to look forward to the holiday. Going out for a wave is the best reward for yourself. However, many friends came back and found that the house was covered with dust and they had to drag their tired bodies to clean up the house. Is there a cleaning artifact that can not only surf safely, but also keep the house clean. Now let's take stock of five floor sweeping robots that can make you feel at ease

no1 puppy R55 sweeping robot

puppy appliance is a leading cleaning brand in China. I believe many little friends are familiar with puppy appliance. The dog R55 sweeping robot is a heavy new product of dog electrical appliances in 2018, and it is also a cleaning artifact that has been rigorously evaluated by top evaluation expert Wang Zhili. The dog R55 sweeping robot not only has a comprehensive function upgrade, but also the four in one cleaning mode of sweeping, sucking, dragging and scraping is more suitable for domestic users' home cleaning needs

as a new generation of LDS laser sweeping robot, the puppy R55 has made a comprehensive upgrade on the core laser navigation system, with a ranging speed of up to 2160 times/second. Compared with the traditional sweeping robot with a ranging speed of 1800 times/second, the detection is more accurate and the response is more sensitive. This also ensures that the dog R55 will always clean in the most scientific way in the cleaning work, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency

compared with the upgrade of the navigation system, the dog R55 sweeping robot is an innovation in the endurance. It is equipped with a lithium battery pack of up to 6400mah and has a endurance of up to 4 hours. The strong endurance ability has established the leading position of the dog R55 domestic sweeping robot with the longest endurance

the performance in the intelligent control experience shows the insight of puppy appliances into the needs of users. The exclusive app of the dog R55 sweeping robot not only has a clear introduction to the page, but also all the data of the sweeping robot can be seen at a glance. Moreover, the UI design is also very user-friendly, simple operation logic, so that users can easily and quickly issue various instructions. Moreover, the puppy R55 exclusive app also supports custom area cleaning with up to 10 points of composition, which can fit the complex home environment more flexibly than conventional products that only support four vertices to be scaled up and down. In addition, the handheld virtual wall function of this product also greatly improves the user's experience. The dog R55 sweeping robot just needs a stroke, and it won't go one step further

the dog R55 sweeping robot has not only made comprehensive optimization and improvement in core functions and user control, but also is an absolute modern household cleaning artifact. It is safe to go out and play during holidays. Having a dog R55 sweeping robot is enough

no2 stone sweeping robot

as a product in the Xiaomi ecological chain, stone sweeping robot has been widely concerned by consumers since it came into the market. The stone sweeping robot also adopts the LDS laser navigation system, but unlike the dog R55, the stone sweeping robot adopts the previous generation technology, and the ranging speed is 1800 times/second. In terms of endurance, the stone sweeping robot uses a 5200mAh super large battery, and the effective endurance time is up to 2.5 hours. Although such endurance ability is not comparable to the dog R55 sweeping robot, it is also very outstanding among a number of domestic sweeping robots

in terms of intelligent control, the stone app can also realize remote control, as well as custom sweeping map, but the custom points are only 4 points. In comparison, although slightly inferior to the dog R55, it also brings users a convenient experience. It is particularly regrettable that the stone app does not have functions such as virtual walls, which will bring inconvenience to users more or less in actual use

Metallographic microscope is mainly used in metallography

no3 botvac D7 connected

botvac D7 connected, which is the flagship product of Neato, a giant in the sweeping robot industry from the United States. In 2008, Neato developed a laser radar that can be applied to sweeping robots, which officially opened the era of laser navigation for sweeping robots

botvac D7 connected is a blockbuster new product released by Neato in 2017, which has been concerned by consumers since its release. Compared with the previous connected series products, the performance and intelligence of botvac D7 connected are improved, and it also has many unique new functions. D7 connected supports Amazon Alexa voice assistant, Google home smart speaker, ifttt protocol and apple watch. In terms of endurance, the botvac D7 connected uses a 4200mah battery pack, with an effective endurance of 120 minutes

although botvac D7 connected has rich functional configurations, its interface optimization and function settings have not been deeply optimized for the usage habits of domestic users, which will affect the experience of domestic consumers to some extent

no4 Dyson 360 eye sweeping robot

when talking about Dyson, I believe that the first reaction of many little friends is vacuum cleaners. Indeed, Dyson's attainments in vacuum cleaners are unique in the world. Dyson has also started product research and development on the floor sweeping robot. Dyson360 eye floor sweeping robot is a heavy product of Dyson. This sweeping robot, which looks like a tank, is highly recognizable

although the whole machine is small, the thickness of the whole machine has reached 12cm, which also makes Dyson 360 eye inaccessible in some low places, such as under the sofa, under the bed and so on. Dyson 360 has considered the human-machine relationship well. Eye sweeping robot adopts camera navigation and 360 degree panoramic vision technology, which can synchronously locate and draw a 360 degree room panorama. In terms of endurance, Dyson 360 eye has two modes. The endurance of the conventional mode can reach 75 minutes, and that of the strong mode is only 45 minutes. Although Dyson 360 eye has excellent performance in dust removal, its too thick design and too short battery life will still cause many inconveniences in practical use

no5 Philips fc8832 sweeping robot

as an internationally renowned household appliance brand, Philips has also made a comprehensive layout of sweeping robots. As a representative product of Philips sweeping robot, SmartPro fc8832 intelligent sweeping robot adopts a visual navigation system. Although it will be limited by light, it can still complete home cleaning and other related work when used as a whole

in terms of operation experience, the exclusive application of Philips SmartPro fc8832 supports customized cleaning, which can set the room size and cleaning density, the cleaning mode that the intelligent automatic vacuum cleaner will follow, and whether it needs a dry mop to remove fine dust. According to the user's choice, the application will calculate the duration of custom cleaning. In addition to the customized cleaning and real-time cleaning feedback functions, the Philips SmartPro fc8832 sweeping robot has not dabbled too much in other functions, which is bound to make the seat design thinner and bring inconvenient experience to users in operation and use



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