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With the arrival of intelligent manufacturing wave, industrial robot has increasingly become one of the hottest industries in China. As one of the core components of robot, RV Reducer is gradually receiving widespread attention at home and abroad

compared with the reducer of traditional harmonic drive, RV Reducer has high fatigue strength, strong stiffness, long service life, and stable return error accuracy. Unlike harmonic drive, the motion accuracy will be significantly reduced with the increase of service time. Therefore, RV Reducer is mostly used in the transmission of high-precision robots in many countries in the world. At present, RV Reducer has the development trend of gradually replacing harmonic reducer in the transmission of advanced robots

today, let's take stock of those foreign giants that manufacture RV reducers to see what RV reducers brands have excellent technical strength and are widely concerned about

nabtesco, Japan: nabtesco, the world reducer giant, was founded in September 2003. In fact, it is composed of two Japanese companies, teiren Seiki and nabtesco. As the world's largest enterprise in the field of precision reducers for the joints of industrial robots, nabtesco accounts for 60% of the global market

Japanese emperor Seiki was founded in 1944. Around 1980, teiren Jingji put forward the RV transmission theory and began to apply it to the robot industry. In 1986, the RV Reducer of teiren precision machinery was officially produced on a large scale and achieved success. Nabok is an enterprise that produced the first automatic door in Japan in 1956

as manufacturers of motion control systems and parts, these two companies have mastered high-end core technologies in their specific business areas and controlled a high market share. In 2003, teiren Jingji and nabok merged to form nabotsk company, which has developed into RV deceleration solar cells: the laboratory of the Viterbi School of engineering at the University of Southern California reported that the chemical vapor deposition method of highly transparent graphene film was the leader in the large-scale production industry in 2008, accounting for more than 60% of the market, especially in medium/heavy-duty robots, its RV Reducer Market share was as high as 90%

earlier, nabotsk announced that it would invest a total of 7billion yen in the main factory in Tianjin, Japan, and the Chinese factory in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China to increase the production of speed reducers. It is expected to increase the production capacity by 20% to 800000 sets per year in 2017

Sumitomo of Japan: a well-known enterprise of precision reducer

Sumitomo of Japan is a construction machinery manufacturer under Sumitomo Group, one of the world's top 500 with a history of more than 400 years. Sumitomo products developed the first hydraulic excavator with its own technology in 1967. At present, Sumitomo hydraulic excavators are active all over the world

Sumitomo Japan began to produce cycloid reducer products in 1939, and first entered the field of industrial robot reducer in 1982. At present, the main products include f4c-d, f4c-ua, f4c-c and other series of main products. Provide comprehensive reducer product solutions for robot applications such as welding, handling, spraying, assembly, etc

in 1994, Sumitomo invested and established a factory in Tianjin and established Sumitomo heavy machinery reducer (China) Co., Ltd; In 2002, the Shanghai Branch was officially established as the sales center in Chinese Mainland. At the same time, Songjiang assembly center and after-sales service center were established, and 33 offices were established in the following years; Guo Piyi's team took the lead in researching and developing the preparation technology of fence type aluminum based lead alloy composite anode; By 2013 and 2008, Tangshan, Hebei Province invested in the construction of China's largest production base; In 2015, precision reducers for industrial robots were produced in Shanghai Songjiang factory

in April 2017, Sumitomo heavy industries announced that it would spend $33million to acquire persimmon technologies, a 3D printing developer in Wakefield, Massachusetts. After the acquisition, Sumitomo heavy industry will get the latter's vacuum robot and next-generation "hybrid field" motor technology, which will help expand the business of industrial robot gear reducer and plastic extruder

on August 1st, 2017, Sumitomo gear reducer officially released bbb-h series direct axis gear reducer with lighter weight, high efficiency and energy saving for the Chinese market. Bbb-h reducer is mainly used in the logistics industry in the application of stacker walking, lifting mechanism driving and conveying. At present, this reducer is also displayed in CeMAT Asia 2017

spinea, Slovakia: the largest manufacturer of bearing reducers

spinea, Slovakia is committed to the R & D, production and sales of high-precision bearing reducers. It ranks 4th among the largest bearing reducer manufacturers in the world, and is the earliest manufacturer of high-precision reducer in Europe. Its products claim to be the only reducer in the world that achieves harmonic size with cycloid structure

spinea was founded in 1994 and began mass production in 1999. For more than 20 years, spinea first developed twinspin series high-precision reducer, and then gradually expanded drivespin (Driver Series) and rotospin (positioning drive mechanism) series products on this basis, forming a parallel pattern of three types of products

twinspin series high-precision reducer has the characteristics of high reduction ratio, high precision, high rigidity, large torque, low noise, low vibration and zero back clearance. Because of its small size and light weight, it can be used in all joints of robot. The zero backlash characteristic of this series of products has obvious leading advantages. In addition, spinea adopts a unique transmission principle, and its shaft radial bearing structure has been patented

spinea products are not only widely used in automation and industrial robots, but also in medical machinery, navigation, photography and other fields. The products mainly provide support for major robot enterprises in Europe (such as abb, KUKA, Comau and other companies). In Europe and South Korea, there are a large number of small dental machine tools using twinspin reducer, which are directly used for denture grinding and restoration in dental clinics

spinea high-precision reducer entered China relatively late, but its distinctive technical characteristics have been widely concerned by the industry. With the increasing application of spinea products in high-end machine tools mainly used for electric spindles, tool changing mechanisms, rotary worktables and other occasions, as well as the adjustment of product structure, China will also apply spinea products more in high-end machine tools

Sejin: Korean RV Reducer enterprise

the high-precision planetary reducer produced by Sejin in Korea has high precision, large output, low noise and long service life, and can be applied to all kinds of mechanical equipment with high precision requirements

in 2006, Singapore servodymamics Co., Ltd. and South Korea sejinigb technology immature company jointly invested in the construction of Suzhou SAIJIN precision equipment Co., Ltd., which mainly develops, produces and sells high-precision cycloidal gear boxes, planetary gear boxes, right angle integrated gear boxes and roller rack linear motion series products. The products are widely used in precision machine tools, industrial robots, wind power generation, Radar, military industry and other industries and fields

sejin's flat high-precision reducer SR series has multiple excellent functions, including good bending rigidity, which is 10 times the rated output torque; The new TTS tooth profile is adopted to improve the contact rate of the tooth surface; The speed ratio range is 30-300; Strong impact resistance, 500% of the rated output torque; The precision is high, and the transmission return difference is less than 1 point, which reduces the vibration during high-speed operation

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