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Take stock of new products and events printed in the half year of 2011

time flows like water. In a blink of an eye, it's the middle of the year. Usually at such a moment, we will stop, sort out the past and look forward to the future. What major events happened in the office printing industry in the first half of the year? What are the most concerned about

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Fuji Xerox's new light production digital printing system came into market

on June 13, 2011, Fuji Xerox announced the launch of two color digital printing systems color 550 and color 560 in Beijing. As an entry-level light production color digital printing system, the two new products have further expanded Fuji Xerox digital printing product line, injecting new impetus into the development of light production color digital printing market

Epson launched R2000 professional photo printer

recently, Epson (China) launched an a3+ format professional photo printer Epson Stylus Photo R2000 for the image and advertising design industry. The printer inherits the output quality of the previous generation model Epson Stylus Photo r1900 with ultra wide color gamut and high-precision resolution, and adds many fashionable and easy-to-use design elements

customizing the world's first 3D printed Bikini Swimsuit

using 3D printing technology to manufacture airplanes, models, violins, etc. is not new, but it is the first time that it has been applied to the clothing manufacturing industry. The world's first 3D printed Bikini Swimsuit came out recently

new experience of information Zhongjing star scanner gathered in Beijing on June 10, 2011, as a manufacturer specializing in the production of scanners, Zhongjing technology said excitedly that Beijing held a new product launch in 2011. The theme of this launch was innovation and technology sharing excellence. The latest scanner products and scanner technology of Zhongjing technology were released on site. In addition, Zhongjing technology also launched four software that can help users improve efficiency, At the press conference, Zhongjing technology shared with dealers, media and other friends the new technologies, products and applications of Zhongjing in the scanner field

open the double-sided era, Lenovo 2011 multi-functional new products appear on the market

as the pioneer and leader of the domestic multi-functional all-in-one machine market, Lenovo has always led the development direction of multi-functional products! Recently, Lenovo's five multi-function all-in-one machines, the new m7400/m7450f/m7600d/m7650df/m7650dnf, have been fully launched, which not only comprehensively improves the performance, but also integrates Lenovo's low-carbon design and application, comprehensively adds the double-sided function to the smart series of new products, opens the multi-function double-sided era for users, and helps users to print at a lower cost

Epson professional passbook and card printer plq-30k is listed

recently, Epson launched a new professional passbook and card printer plq-30k. This is another masterpiece after Epson launched the passbook and card printer PLQ-20K in 2005.

the first dual core CPU is equipped. Samsung's new color shock hit is on the market.

nowadays, not only desktops and notebooks have dual cores, but printers also start to use dual core processors. Samsung provides laser printing products for users and introduces a new dual core color laser printer clp-775nd for medium and high-end users. As Samsung's first dual core printer to enter the market, it can provide users with a large amount of printing and help to improve the printing speed

On May 24, 2011, Oki richong Commerce (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Oki company) released five LED printer products in Beijing, including two A4 black-and-white led printers b411dn, b431dn, and three A4 color LED printers c310dn, c330dn, C530dn. These five products are located in small and medium-sized working groups for commercial office, and can be used by ordinary office users, finance Users in telecommunications, manufacturing, circulation and other industries provide more choices. The new product adopts a new generation of LED print head, which is more compact. At the same time, its function and performance have been further strengthened, and it is equipped with automatic double-sided printing function and networking function as standard

On May 5, 2011, Lenovo held a 2011 Lenovo printer strategy and new product conference titled "for you, for the future" at the Marriott Hotel in Beijing, and launched a disruptive new product -- the first light and ink color printer with a printing speed of 60ppm in China. At the same time, Lenovo also released a new low-carbon printer with a dual series of high-speed and smart, Among them, the printing speed of optical ink printers not only surpasses the previous products, but also surpasses all printer products in the market, and the performance of new laser printing equipment has been improved to a higher level again

Perfect Brother (China) issued new products in spring 2011

on April 18, 2011, brother (China) Commercial Co., Ltd. launched a number of new printing products, including four multi-functional inkjet machines (mfc-j220, mfc-j265w, mfc-j410 and mfc-j615w); Two black-and-white laser printers (hl-2240d and hl- but at the same time we need to ensure user safety 2250dn) and two color laser printers (hl-4150cdn and hl-4570cdw); There are also two multi-function laser all-in-one machines (dcp-9055cdn and mfc9465cdn). Ten new products are launched into the Chinese market

wireless printing Smart Life Samsung WiFi new product launch

on April 6, 2011, China Samsung forum was grandly held in the venue of Shanghai WorldExpo center. Samsung Electronics made a grand appearance with its many heavyweight products, and a visual feast with the theme of smarter life began immediately

On March 25th, 2011, Oki richong Commerce (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Oki company) officially launched two new A3 black-and-white led printers b820dn and b840dn in Beijing. OKI released A3 black-and-white machine products in the Chinese market for the first time at the end of March, the transition period between the new and old fiscal years, which indicates that Oki's LED series product line in China is more perfect, and Chinese users will face more new choices when shopping.

for green Epson, develop new black-and-white inkjet printing products

on February 22, 2011, Beijing in the early spring is still cold and windy, while the Regent Hotel in Beijing on Jinbao Street is very lively. Here, a 2011 Epson black-and-white inkjet printer new product launch with the theme of black-and-white attacking the green future is being held


upgrade through intelligent integration technology Oki narrow needle printing

recently, Oki, a commercial printing solution provider, officially announced that all its 80 column narrow needle printer products have been upgraded through the intelligent integration technology SOC (system on chip), and the upgraded new products are ml3200c, ml2500c, ml5200f, ml5500f, ml5500fs, ml7000f, ml7500f, ml7700f and other models, At the same time, the first new 136 column wide row general stylus printer ml8550cl under the SoC platform was released

take it apart and see the disassembly display of domestic Bento printer

on December 6, 2010, senna technology released Bento laser printer with independent intellectual property rights in the Great Hall of the people, which is also an important milestone of domestic laser printer. After four months, we came to Bento's office in Beijing and saw one of the models, P2000. In order to prove the quality of Bento laser printer, Then engineers simply disassembled it, Android or WebOS? HP printer new year highlights

at 2:00 a.m. Beijing time on February 10, 2011, HP (HP), which acquired palm, held a WebOS conference called think beyond (beyond imagination) in San Francisco, USA, and released intelligent terminals and tablets using WebOS system

2011 vision: let the printing cost be lower when reaching high tonnage

the progress of core technology is slow. Laser printing technology and inkjet printing technology have been improving for decades. Although they are constantly improving, the core principle has not made much breakthrough. Even the increasingly popular LED printer is the improvement of laser printing technology


2011 Canon Shanghai Expo preliminary exploration of Canon science and technology booth

Shanghai Canon Expo kicked off at the Shanghai International Convention Center on May 19, 2011. This Canon Expo is the last stop in the global tour after the expositions in New York, France, Paris and Tokyo, Japan from September to November last year. The canon Expo, with the theme of infinite emotion and exhibition of Canon, shows the latest products, solutions, future technologies and conceptual imaging solutions of Canon in the fields of imaging, medical treatment, security, environmental protection, printing, etc., so that the visiting users can experience today and tomorrow brought by canon to users on site

Asian printing consumables exhibition selenium drum manufacturers gathered to compete

on April 20, 2011, the 8th Asian printing consumables exhibition was grandly opened at Shanghai Exhibition Center, China. This exhibition covers a wide range, including ink cartridges, toner cartridges, ribbons, toners, inks and continuous ink supply systems; Compatible, renewable and recycled printer and copier general consumables; Chips, photosensitive drums, all kinds of rollers, films, empty boxes and other accessories and raw materials and other products. 300 well-known domestic manufacturers appeared one after another, which was called the top event of printing consumables in the first half of 2011. The audience gathered and wonderful activities were held

affected by the earthquake, Oki semiconductor production plant in Japan stopped production

at 13:46 on March 11, Beijing time, a strong earthquake occurred in the sea area near Honshu Island, Japan, and caused a tsunami. Among them, the semiconductor plant located in northeastern Japan was greatly affected, of which Oki (Japan Chong electric company) was the most affected. Due to the short distance from the earthquake center, the glass tube of the diffusion furnace of Miyagi semi conductor plant of Chong electric company broke, Affected by the earthquake, it has been shut down

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