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Machining safety technology

factory production is inseparable from mechanical equipment. Mechanical equipment is easy to cause collision, pinch, entanglement, stabbing, shearing and other injuries, and the frequency of accidents is high. To ensure the safety of mechanical equipment, first, the mechanical equipment itself should meet the safety requirements; Second, the operation of mechanical equipment should meet the safety requirements

(I) stamping machinery

the dangerous part of stamping machinery is the area between molds

1. Stamping machinery must be equipped with protective devices, such as protective fences, hand pullers, two handed activity buttons, infrared photoelectric protectors, etc. Once a person's limbs enter the dangerous area, the machine tool will automatically stop running. Therefore, these devices are our protective gods and cannot be damaged or removed

2. Before going to work, the operators should dress neatly, and the clothes should be "three tight", that is, the neckline, cuffs and hem should be tightened. Wear work shoes and work caps, and curl long hair into the cap

3. Before starting the machine, check whether the safety device is complete and effective and whether there is any abnormality. After starting the machine, run it idle for a while, and then start processing if there is no abnormality

achieve the purpose of keeping fresh

4. After the machine is started, we should concentrate on it. Every technical engineer of our company has made a detailed description of the supporting equipment and various experiments of the steel hammer tensile testing machine: the actions should be done according to the operating procedures. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and avoid working overtime for a long time

5. Do not remove the safety device in order to speed up the processing speed, or set it in an invalid state, or do not use the equipped special tools instead of hands

6. After work, clean and tidy up the equipment and environment

(II) metal cutting machinery

metal cutting machinery is the manufacturing machine of all machinery, mainly including lathes, drilling machines, planers, grinders, etc. The common accidents are machine entanglement, workpiece flying impact, chip scalding and cutting, grinding wheel fragmentation and collapse, etc. The key points of its safe operation are:

1. The operator should wear tight work clothes, the cuffs should be tight, and the long hair should be rolled into the hat. The rotating equipment should not use the relevant information set of the hand glass magnesium plate universal testing machine

2. Electrical safety grounding; The rotating mechanism is equipped with reliable protective devices

3. Strictly abide by the operating procedures, do a good job of routine maintenance, and stop the machine for maintenance immediately in case of hidden dangers

4. The tool connection specification is selected, and the tool and workpiece are clamped firmly and reliably

5. All kinds of chips should be removed with hooks, and the chips wrapped in the workpiece or tool should be stopped for removal

6. After work (or during maintenance), cut off the power supply and park the handle in neutral position. Knives, finished products or semi-finished products are placed in order

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