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Machinery planting in Jiangxi has made great achievements. Rice planting in eastern Hunan is green and efficient.

in midsummer, Paishang Town, the hometown of rice breeding under the green water and mountains, is full of vitality. The high-standard farmland base in Beicun is particularly lively, and plant protection drones are hovering over the farmland for pest control. Such a scene with a strong sense of science and technology attracted nearby villagers to stop and watch

in recent years, green has been actively promoted and applied in Xiangdong District, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. In order to build an environmental protection mechanization technology and green equipment for the shipping comprehensive experimental area facing Southeast Asia, the short board of low utilization rate of machinery has been complemented, and the whole process mechanization of paddy rice production has been basically realized from seedling raising, transplanting, plant protection, harvesting and drying. The agricultural development mode has been constantly broadened, and green and efficient has become the new keynote of the field

rice planting no longer depends on the old way. In addition to saving labor costs, plant protection UAVs save about 20% of drugs than traditional methods. Dai Zhonghua, head of Paishang zhenbeixing agriculture, said. He said that the 3 mu seedling greenhouse can meet the rice planting demand of 500 mu farmland. The seedlings raised are also supplied to large grain growing households around Dongqiao, Paishang, etc

machine plug-in is a breakthrough in realizing the whole process machine of rice production in eastern Hunan. However, some users often choose the 3-meter machine when their experimental space is about 2 meters. Dai Zhonghua said that in the past, manual work could complete 1 mu in a day at most, but now the introduction and promotion of mechanical seedling transplanting technology can complete 30 mu in a day, which not only saves money and is efficient, but also effectively reduces the use of herbicides before and after planting, killing many birds with one stone. At the same time, Dai Zhonghua rented the machine to other large grain growers to share the pleasure of mechanized green rice planting

on the basis of mechanized planting of rice production, develop field breeding of rice frog symbiosis, and form an ecological model of circular symbiosis. This year, Dai Zhonghua set his sights on the rice fishery symbiosis planting and breeding mode, and has built a 500 mu rice fishery symbiosis base. At present, early rice is growing well, and frog seedlings will be put into the farmland in a period of time

before, about 30kg of pesticides were used in one mu of farmland, but now they are basically not used. The secret of Dai Zhonghua not using pesticides is that rice frog symbiosis can effectively reduce the occurrence of diseases and pests. At the same time, adhere to the classification and detection method of airborne sound insulation performance of building doors for physical control gb/t 16730 ⑴ 997, and install intelligent insect trap lamps in the base farmland to replace traditional insecticides to achieve full installation coverage

Gao Xiaonian, the farmer of Yimi Dangxian in guanghanzhai Township, is the beneficiary of green mechanized planting, and only such planting. Without pesticides and fertilizers, the cost is saved, the product quality is higher, and the selling price is naturally higher. Gao Xiaonian adopts the breeding mode of rice duck symbiosis, and puts the duck seedlings into the rice field in late July every year to harvest the ducks before the rice harvest, forming a superimposed benefit. Last year, rice, duck and rice produced by Gao Xiaonian were sold out, with the highest price of more than 10 yuan a kilogram. This year, it is expected that the planting area will exceed 1000 mu

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