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The replacement of labor by machinery in these posts is no longer "sweating like rain"

the continuous high temperature for many days has not disturbed the normal rhythm of urban builders and managers. On the one hand, it benefited from the hard work of the builders; On the other hand, it benefits from the iterative updating of scientific and technological means. From subway excavation to pipeline desilting, from environmental sanitation and cleaning to paving and building houses, more and more cutting-edge machinery and equipment are invested in various fields of Qingdao construction and urban management. With the industrial transformation and upgrading and the accelerated transformation of new kinetic energy, some jobs and well-known positions that used to be "sweating like rain" under the high temperature are becoming "cool". From these changes, we feel not only people-oriented care, but also the acceleration of economic transformation and upgrading

stretch your "arms" and drive over the road to compact the asphalt. Shield tunneling has been widely used in Qingdao Subway Construction. The concrete slides down the "slide" to the pouring position. Sanitation workers drive cleaning trucks to wash roads. Press the remote control, and the grab can grab the sundries out of the well

the "group army" on site works to replace the old road with a new one

asphalt paving is a common scene in life. With the roar of the machine, the paver with "arms" stretched over the road and compacted the asphalt. However, before the 1990s, there was no paver for road construction, which was all manual. "At that time, road construction depended on three major items: shovels, rakes and trolleys. The temperature of the mixed asphalt was 150 ℃, and the workers wore long clothes, trousers and anti scalding shoes. It took them eight or nine hours to stand on it." Zhouzhaoping, manager of the building materials base of the municipal engineering company of Qingdao West Coast public utilities group, recalled that at that time, 20 or 30 people were needed to build roads, and it took several months to build one kilometer

the paver stretches its "arm" and compacts the asphalt when passing the road.

with the changes of the times, pure manual road construction cannot meet the requirements of development, and a series of advanced road construction machinery came into being. Nowadays, road construction not only pursues speed, but also pays more attention to technical content. "The requirements for the smoothness and compactness of asphalt are getting higher and higher, and the flatness is calculated in millimeters." Zhou Zhaoping said that now road construction is basically machinery, and only five or six people are needed to assist the machinery to deal with the details, and one kilometer can be paved in one day. The west coast also took the lead in introducing geothermal regeneration units in the city, using thermal regeneration technology to mechanically repair asphalt pavement. The thermal regeneration unit is a "group army" mechanical combination. After a row of road machinery drove slowly on the old asphalt pavement, the pavement instantly took on a new look, and the cracks and ruts of the original pavement disappeared without a trace

the on-site concrete takes the "slide" to the pouring position

in the 1980s, there was no pumped concrete in Qingdao. The concrete was proportioned and mixed on the site, and then pushed aside by the workers with a trolley and poured into the funnel. Then, the tower crane lifted the funnel slowly and transported it to the floor control heavy vehicle of the construction, opened the exit, and the concrete fell "clattering", and the workers then vibrated it evenly, densely and leveled it with vibrators. "At that time, the vibrator was generally 4 meters long. If it encountered a deep pouring part, it could not reach the bottom, and people needed to climb down the reinforcement to vibrate." Huang Yong, chief engineer of Qingdao Haichuan Construction Group Company (the former Qingdao second construction engineering company), said

the mixed concrete is directly delivered to the site by the car pump, and then slides down the long "slide" to the pouring position

but now, the mixed concrete is directly delivered to the site by the car pump, and then slides down the long "slide" to the pouring position; The vibrator is also extended by 3 times, the conventional one is 12 meters, and it can be customized no matter how long it is. When pouring the bottom slab of Haitian center, the "tallest building" in our city, elephant trunk pump is also used. The pouring volume of the long "elephant trunk" can reach 300 cubic meters per hour, which greatly improves the concrete transmission efficiency, saves the pouring time, and sets a domestic pouring record of the same volume of concrete

the efficiency of driving the "dragon drilling" on site has been greatly improved

in the steam flow section of Metro Line 1 (north bus station Liuting Airport), more than 20 meters underground, an 86 meter long "dragon" is constantly gnawing rock and soil with "teeth" and moving forward. Guo awei, the shield machine driver from, is the one who operates the "dragon". He sits in the operating room, his eyes fixed on the four screens, and his fingers constantly operate the buttons on the console with changes. In people's imagination, underground construction should be cool and comfortable, but this is not the case. The tunnel is very stuffy and humid. Because the machine runs hot, the environment in the operation room is as high as 40 ℃, but it is equipped with air conditioning, so it feels much more comfortable. The shield machine can dig an average of 15 meters per day. If the traditional mining method is used, it can only dig two to three meters per day, and the construction environment is poor. Huang Jian, director of the chief engineer office of Qingdao Metro Group, said that at present, mechanical construction has been widely used in Qingdao metro construction. Data from Qingdao Metro shows that the main line of line 1 is 50.9 kilometers long, and the mechanical excavation section is 31.57 kilometers long, accounting for 62% of the total section length; The main line of line 4 is 26.05 kilometers long, and the mechanical tunneling section is 18.18 kilometers long, accounting for 69.8% of the total section length

more than 20 meters underground in the steam flow section of Metro Line 1, an 86 meter long "dragon" is constantly gnawing at the rock and soil with its "teeth". The realization of Kunming new airport terminal, the world's largest single building for seismic mitigation and isolation, is moving forward.

on site shaft dredging has become a "past style"

sewage pipeline dredging and dredging, which has been a thorny problem for a long time. Huangjinhai is the manager of the third drainage company of Qingdao Water Group drainage company. He told that there was no machinery to dredge the pipeline in the early stage, and workers were often required to go down the well for treatment. The costumes for going down the well are like making science fiction movies. You have to wear gas masks and masks, and wear gel coats and rubber shoes from head to toe. Pipeline 1. The basic state of Anyang's industrial development is that the desilting is underground, and the temperature is higher than that on the ground. In summer, there are many mosquitoes. They work in gel coats and get soaked in less than ten minutes

with a special dredge truck, as long as the water pressure is set on the button panel, and then the dredge pipe is placed in Guli.

now, the maintenance of drainage pipes has moved from pure manpower to mechanization, and the dredging of wells has become a "past style" in the three districts of the city. To dredge the pipeline, with a special dredge car, as long as the water pressure is set on the button panel, and then put the dredge pipe into gulee. Although it still needs several people to swing the dredging pipe when dredging, it is much easier than going down the well to clear the silt. According to the drainage company of Qingdao Water Group, in recent years, the company has been equipped with Caesar joint dredging vehicle, British researchers have developed a carbon nanotube functional material facdo joint dredging vehicle, CCTV pipeline robot, sonar detector and other mechanical equipment, and has introduced the Beidou visual command and scheduling system. The proportion of mechanical sand taking is more than 70%, and the proportion of pipeline mechanized dredging is more than 95%

it is easier to clean the site with "artifact"

"go out for 5 minutes and sweat for 2 hours". Under such temperature, environmental sanitation workers still have to take brooms and dustpans and shuttle through the streets and alleys. Due to long-term outdoor work, their skin is tanned. However, with the increasing degree of mechanization, some environmental sanitation workers have been engaged in physical labor, which has been replaced by modern work vehicles, and the work intensity has been greatly reduced compared with the past. "In the past, we often passed the car, which was really dangerous. Now, after the cleaning car is cleaned, we just need to pick it up and sweep it. The labor intensity is reduced a lot, and it is safe." Sanitation worker master Wang said

Qingdao has achieved the integration and refinement of road cleaning.

"at present, 50 roads in Shinan District, except for sidewalks and other streets whose pavement conditions are not allowed, are mechanically operated. The roads cleaned by washing and sweeping vehicles avoid the problem of secondary pollution such as dust, and can be cleaned quickly at one time." Guojianhui, head of the business section of Shinan environmental sanitation company, told that there were 26 mechanized cleaning vehicles in Shinan District, with a machine scanning rate of 95.7% and a high-pressure washing rate of 95.6%

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